Help - coping with contractions

Have been in labour since yesterday when my waters suddenly broke at 41+1. Today they have been getting increasingly painful, but also increasingly more erratic & irregular as this morning i was having fairly regular but less painful contractions.

Have been in hospital for monitoring and all is ok... but im finding it harder and harder to cope with the contractions when they come. Trying everything I possibly can to deal with the pain at home. Baths, paracetomal, birthing ball, swivelling hips, everything - baby is lying back to back so think this why it might be quite painful. My question is, can i just demand pain relief at hospital even if i am not having regular contractions.

Im due in for an induction in the morning if nothing gives tonight, but dont think i go that long without any sleep, and its virtually impossible to rest at all with all this pain!!!

Help, im pathetic, i know lol xxx


  • I think if you are in that much pain, then you should demand pain relife! Ring them up and see what they say, maybe cry a bit if they say no at first (guilt them into it!)

    Good luck for an easy, speedy labour!
  • you are definalty NOT pathetic hun, it if hurts that bad then im sure they will give you pain relief, explain you cant cope with it and dont want to be exausted tomorrow for your induction, if they do say no, like the others have said "scream for it" lol.
    good luck hun, just think tomorrow you get to meet your little baby.

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