Missed Miscarriages

Are they as common as these forums make them seem?

I had never even heard of them until I joined here and now I am totally terrified of going to my scan only to be told that my baby has gone and I hadn't even noticed.

I've googled it etc but had varying opinions image

Co xx


  • G/C from Baby

    Firstly, Ccongratulations!

    Please don't worry. I'm sure all will be fine when you go for your scan. When do you go?

    I would say you are going to see quite a few stories on here because it is a Pregnancy and Baby website and out of all the pregnant women on here it is going to happen to a small number of ladies. Try and not Google things either as there is lots of info out there that just isn't a true account of pregnancy.

    Good luck xx
  • Try not to worry hun, it does more harm than good, what will be will be! I think I had a very early miscarrage, I could have had twins and lost one, but midwife said it could have just been implantation bleed and associated pain. I was walking through town and was doubled up in agony, I went all pale and nearly fainted, then got cold sweats and shakes, then a big bleed (not bright red).. Its probably one of those things I will never know, the main thing is I am pregnant now and you just have to take each day as it comes honey!! X
  • congratulations,

    i have been through a missed miscarriage, like the others say, people come on here to talk about it, so it probably seems quite common, but it isnt really, its more likely to have a normal mc, than a mmc. as iv been through it i do worry about it more, but pretty much everyone worries through their pregnancy, there is no point me saying dont worry, because you will still worry and thats normal, pregnancy is a worrying/scary thing! im sure you will be fine at your scan.

    ashy 7+5
  • Hi hun.
    I have had a MMC and only really started to notice the other ladies who had them afterwards. As the others have said its only common on here as the ladies who suffer these use thes forums for support.

    Unfortunately miscarriges are very common but not missed miscarriges.

    It is a scarey time but please try and relax, im sure your beanie is fine xxx
  • Coco I've been worrying about this too, especially as my mum had one with her second pregnancy. These forums do highlight all the sad/scary aspects of ttc and pregnancy but mostly all the amazing things too! Hopefully everyone in DIA will be fine x
  • Most women havent heard of a mmc until they have one.

    I didnt even think mc was that common until suffering. but sadly it is, but that doenst mean to
    say that you will have one.

    It's not that the websites highlight these sad things to worry you but as a place for women to find support who have experienced some kind of loss.

    If you can blissfully go through pg without any problems ttc or mc then that's great but not everyone is that lucky so therefore it's good to have a support network online that can help.

    All the best & try not to worry to much xx
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