is it normal :(

ok so i have had horrendous nausea since about week4 and suddenly yesterday at somepoint it stopped. to top it off now i don't feel pregnant even thouh i saw my lil blob on the monitor image i'm scared that with the nausea stopping so early it might be a bad sign image i know i should be glad its gone but not having it there is making me feel less pregnant

Help please


  • hello sweety!!!!

    I had that too but after some bleeding!!!god i was so scared i had lost the baby. so you have seen it on the screen.chances are mother nature is being mercifull or sly.with me she was being a menice cause my nausea went away for 2 days and came back and again went away for two weeks.leaving me thinking it was over. and its back.i wouldnt worry if you had the scan and bee reassured.but if you think you want to call someone.then do that..

    and yes many woman do feel this way
  • hadn't thought about it returning lol it usually gets stronger when i go to work lol i assumed it wass coz i wasn't aas relaxed at work. It actually stopped at work. so it maybe i'm lucky and its over or it may be that it'll come in and out.... hmmmmm lets hope for the first.... i'm silly to worry but i guess with being a worry wart you can help others but things play on my mind more than i'd admit. i'd get pooh poohed by my oh and dad lol men re so thoughtful aren't they lol
    Thanks Tahsy
  • your welcome debz. i am also a worry pot.they started knowing me by first name at the A&E at my that worrying.i'm now suffering very bad headaches.apparently its cause of my blood circulation
  • I saw this question about suddenly not feeling preg anymore on a website and the medical advice was that it is normal once hormones settle and that it's the start of the "blooming" period of pregnancy.

    I would say that anything that really worries you is worth a chat with MW or Doc to be safe but it is quite normal for there to be a "quiet" time after morning sickness and before bumps and kicking!

    I hope you all ok anyway

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