dmp through national debt line

ive spoke to them and there going to help us with our debt problems. it will affect our credit but we need to get sorted b4 baby comes in july has any 1 had or have this through them ??


  • Hi Bec,
    I think I am in a sililar situation, since finding out that we were pregnant, I have had to quit my full time job, didnt work for 6 weeks, now only working part time. Things are getting harder and harder, and stressing us out what with baby due in may. We thought about re-mortaging, but who will give us a new mortgage with me only earning ??80 a week??
    There must be an answer????
  • well i just got all paper work through and we can pay 120 a month we have debts of 5 - 6 k and now were trying to pay 350 a month wat we havnt got so this is such a wieght off my mind.
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