Changing hospitals - any advice?

has anyone had experience of moving house during pregnancy and as a result had to change which hospital they are booked into?

I'm moving in December - baby due in March and I'm really worried I won't be able to get booked into the hospital in the area i'm moving to. Has anyone got any advice?

I'm getting really uptight and my oh thinks i'm worrying about nothing, but it's my first baby and i want to have the same choice as i do in my current area and worried that the ,"more popular "(i usually read that as better?!) hospitals will be full!

any advice much appreciated as at the moment i can't work out if i'm just being neurotic.:\?


  • I was going 2 move during pregnancy, Which meant i would have 2 change hospitals etc,
    I asked about it at my hospital & they said everything just gets transfered over,
    But i have decided not 2 move yet, So im still at my hospital, If you ask ur midwife she will tell you, You moving anywere nice?
  • Hi, I am moving in 3 weeks time, when I will be 29 weeks pregnant. I am moving about 10 miles or so (into Kent), and so I will have to change my surgery and hospital. The only advice I was given by a GP friend is to find out now which will be your local surgery, and give them a call to find out what you will need to register there, and get those documents together, and register as soon as you move to get the ball rolling. Babies, the elderly and pregnant women are treated as priorities by surgeries apparently, and they will make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • thanks so much for your help. i currently live in south west london and moving to banbury in oxfordshire. think i'm worrying because the hospital i'm currently booked into is full when you get to 8 weeks, so if you try to book in and your past that date it can be full and you have to go elsewhere. Maybe in other areas demand isn't quite so high. i think i'll ring the gp where i'm moving to as you suggest! I'll be about 26 weeks when we move so still plenty of time to get sorted out!
  • Good luck! I live in London (Docklands, so within Tower Hamlets Trust) at the moment too, and the hospitals locally aren't exactly appealing to me. When I saw my GP at 6 weeks pregnant, and said that we were intending to move, she told me off the record to do what I could to avoid having the baby at hospital X (currently my local hopital)! So I know what you mean about popular hospitals. Hopefully it will be better for us both out of London where the population of child-bearing women isn't so high for such a small area.
  • I currently live a few miles away from Banbury and am booked at the horton hospital. This is a small commmunity hospital which offers a more personal touch. However, you can only give birth at the Horton if you have no complications in your pregnancy. Alternatively there is the John Radcliffe in Oxford which is a much bigger hospital.
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