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Diagnosed with SPD

Hi all

The physio diagnosed me with spd 2day tbh its all l need as l ws born with a dislocated hip which is goin to cause enough probs giving birth. Hes referred me for acupuncture has anyone here tried tht?Does anyone have any more tips apart from the booklet they give u. Thanx xxx


  • Take real care of yourself babe as unfortunately it gests worse. Ive been seeing chiropractor twice a week which is expensive and to be honest im 38 weeks now and its just getting worse. I am seeing a consultant on monday regarding whether or not i will need a c section but i know lots of sufferers go on to give birth naturally. Most of my pain is in my lower back and bum cheeks and i cant lift or seperate legs. I will bump up another post as its got loads of information on it. Dont get down about it.
  • I was diagnosed last week and am only 19 + 4 so know what you are going through.
    I have been in agony this week and one tip I have been given that helps me with the hip pain is - get one of those wheat bags you heat in the microwave, this can then be placed over the hip down the pelvis. I have only got one but want to get another so I can do both sides at once.
    The other thing is - on Monday I was crying in pain for hours, it was really bad and a friend who had had it previously told me to get down on all fours to take any pressure off the pelvis for a short while. This did help as well but getting up was a bit of a problem. I havent got physio until 12th Feb but if I get any other tips I will let you know.
    Also I dont know where you are but I have found out through word of mouth that one of my local hospitals has a consultant who specialises in SPD and my midwife is now trying to get me referred to him (I am in Bolton)! If you are near could give you the details!
    Oh yeah, the other thing my midwife mentioned today is - because you can only have your legs opened a certain amount - a piece of string should be cellotaped into your notes so that whoever is there to deliver your baby knows that the length of the string is the maximum your legs should be opened.
    Also jemaxox's posting is brill for info!!!!
    Sorry to have gone on a bit but I have been trying to find out as much as possible in the last couple of weeks.
    Take care
    Love Lee
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