has anyone else experienced tight clothes early on?


Think im only 4-5 weeks gone and my work pants feel as if I could burst them, I am sooooooo bloated! Surely it cant be baby this early on!!

Have weighed myself and Im lighter than I was this time last week but feel as though I am double the size

Does anyone have any advice?



  • I was in maternity by the time I was 5 weeks! I bloated with water pretty much as soon as i knew!
  • im on my 3rd pg and i find i bloat very quickly with water too x

  • It wouldnt be baby yet but yes its probably just bloated tummy. I also had this, it should calm down just before you start to get a tiny bump!! x
  • Lou Lou, thank God i am not alone. My trousers were and still are at breaking point. last week i weighes myself and i had lost 3 -4 punds in weight. How on earth could my trousers be tighter???? insane but they were. Am trying desp to stay in my work uniform until 12 weeks but have moved up from size 12 to 14 for confort ( i recently dropped the other way so still had some jeans and pants for fat days) x
  • It is most likely water as others have said! i was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks just for the comfort factor!

    Tara 30+2
  • Hello
    me too ive just been and bought some maternity jeans as mine were really tight and im only 6+6 weeks. i seem to have bloated as soon as i knew really! if its comfier i would just but some mat clothes or a size bigger
    good luck!
  • i was in maternioty jeans by 6 weeks this time around too! im now almost 3 mths and have a definate bump now! xx
  • i second hollysmum. i was exactly the same!! x
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