protein in urine sample

Just a quick question- when I went for my booking in appt last week they said that they found some protein in my urine and were sending it off for further tests. Does anyone know why this could be or how serious it is? I have read that it might be a symptom of a urinary infection, but I haven't had any other symptoms at all. The mw wasn't very informative. :\?


  • it could be a urine infection. or if you repeatedly have protein, it could be a sign of pre-eclampsia.
    Not everyone gets any other symptoms even with a urine infection. x
  • Hi! Yeah, it's probably a urine infection. They're really common in pregnancy and nothing to worry about.XXX
  • Thanks guys- I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is that and not pre-eclampsia!
  • it is most prob a urine infection as people dont tend to get pre-eclampsia until 2nd or 3rd transmester if there going to get it. i have had protein in my urine a few times and its turned out there was no infection or anythin.
    good luck hun xxx

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