should i cancel gender scan??

hi we have booked a private gender scan for tomorrow night becasue we were unable to find out sex at 20wk scan cause cord was between baby's legs.

been thinking today, and i dont feel so excited about it anymore! i feel like maybe i dont want to know the sex anymore.

it is ??75 but we dont need to pay til we have had it so we wouldnt lose any money by cancelling. i just have a gut feeling that ill be disappointed if i know, but for ages i have been desperate to know.

i knew what my first was going to be, and part of me wanted this one to be a surprise. at the 20wk scan the scanner said if she was to give a best guess it would be a boy, because she thought she could see the bottom of testicles but cord was covering where the wee man would be so she couldnt be 100%.

in my head its a boy anyway, and are we silly paying ??75 just to have it confirmed?

oh i just dont know!!!

oh will be home soon so i will see what he thinks, he will prob be gld to save the money, but he was excited about finding out. altho he did take ALOt of persuading to go ahead with booking the scan so maybe he will be ok about cancelling.

we have bought pretty much everything, and have bought it all in neautral colours cause we hope to have more kids soon. so its not like we need to find out the sex in order to buy things in the proper colour.

i thik ive just talked myself out of having the scan!!!

anyone who has not found out...can you tell me if it made it better having a surprise when they were born ?!>;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • i dont think u shud find out! with my first it was a surprise and it was well worth it!!!! im having a surprise this time too!!! i know its tempting but u neva no wat it is!!! u shud cancel it!!! xxx
  • i think it would be a magical surprise to find out when your babys born
    but its up to you you can always rebook if you change your mind
  • A surprise is better. Its all part of the excitement.
  • It's up to you! We don't want to find out, but if you cancel now and change your mind you can always re-book!
    Let us know what you decide to do.
  • Wait babe again just personal preference but not a day goes by when we dont have some sortof conversation about is it a he or a she with some one. Ive even run a sweep stake on it friends and family pay a pound and guess boy or girl and a weight closest to weight wins all the money we have ??50 in kitty already. Everybody is so excited it just adds to the surprise. There are so many wives tales too i love it. If youare having doubts cacell it you can find out sex another time if you get the urge again
  • If you are having any doubts cancel and as others have said you can always re-book later. If it doesn't really matter to you then waiting is much better as it will be a wonderful surprise. I'm afraid I had to know with 2 and 3 as I was desperate for a girl and we finally got my daughter this time. I had to ask the sonographer to repeat that it was girl at least 10 times as I was SO thrilled! I now feel that I have my perfect family with 2 wonderful boys who adore their baby sister. All the best xx
  • the choice is totally up to u hun, i found out at 20weeks with my daughter and didnt think it changed a thing, and i found out this time at 27+6 weeks at 4d scan that i am having a boy, and i am even more exited now.
    i havent got the patiance to wate till i give birth but should imagen it must be a grate experiance to find out at the end,
    everyone is diffrent if you think you dont want to know then cancel you can always re book if you feel u want to know in a few weeks or what ever.

  • i havnt found out with any of mine and not finding out with this one either, its a personal choice hun but i absoloutly loved the bit after all the pain and grunting when u hear the mw say u got a beautiful baby girl/boy, and all the 9m of guessing image xxx
  • hi everyone...i have spoken to oh and the decision has been made...! we are going to cancel!!

    i really want a surprise and oh is glad to save the money for other baby things, and he said he secretly was disappointed that he was gonna find out and he was doing it cause i really wanted it..aww how sweet! so this way we will both get a still sure it must be a boy cause of what the sonographer said tho!...but i love the small chance that ill have another girl!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Cool, Like u i found out with my first and cudnt help feel i lil disapointed about not waiting, although it was nice to prepare. Iv got my 20wk scan nxt wk and weve decided not to find out as this wil prob b r last so want to keep it as a suprise for the big day. Gud luck Kerry xxx
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