Movements slowing down!

I am 22+4 weeks and I swear my baby isn't moving as much as he used to. I hardly feel it really. Is it that I'm getting used to the feeling, or is something wrong?

I would say he does 10 movements a day maybe more but they're very weak. A week or 2 ago they were making me jump! Also I feel nothing in the middle part of the day and sometimes nothing until night.

I have an anterior placenta which my mw said meant I wouldn't feel as much movement as other women until about 25 weeks when the baby is big enough to kick thru the placenta. And she said they didn't ask u to monitor movement until 28 weeks when it is established.

All the same tho, it's worrying me. Is it normal? x


  • you may be getting used to the feeling hun. when i was feeling movements at the 3rd trimester i hardly noticed anymore unless it caused pain as you so get used to feeling lo move about enjoy the feeling xxx
  • As long as you are still feeling something I wouldn't worry tbh. Personally I don't notice when mine is moving at times because I am so used to it so maybe that is the case for you too.

    I find also that my baby tends to be still when I am moving about a lot and will move more when I rest so if you have been busy over the christmas period that could also be a reason why.
  • I was feeling my lo moving a lot at about 24 weeks seemed to be awake all day long but it slowed down at 27 weeks and some days i hardly feel it at all It depends what position it's in My lo seems to be more active on the days where i have taken my pronatal and eaten plenty of fruit. doesn't seem to be as active on the days when i feel crap and tired although that doesn't appear to be the case today it keeps wriggling and it keeps doing something That hurts like hell with my bladder I don't know what? Today i have a cold or should i call it Man-flu and i feel like i am dying ( don't i sound pathetic )

    it may also be running out of space I am sure my lo is jammed against my rib cage and isn't going to turn ( it's breech at the minute all kicks and movements down below)

    good luck

    paula 34+2
  • yes i was going to say the same baby is running out of space but if you are worried best thing is to ring mw always better to be sure but im sure everything is fine
  • I doubt he's running out of space tho...only 22 weeks so he should be rly active! Then again on the charts from my scan he is in 80th centile LOL. I've got a cold and feel crap too so maybe that's it. He was v. active on christmas day but since he is soooo quiet. I havent rly felt anything today so might lie down in a bit and have some food and a cold drink, see if that helps it. x
  • I asked midwife about my Lo not moving as miuch and she said not to worry and That they didn't really stick to the ten movement rule for anymore went more by our own instinct That routine's had changed etc what ever that means I think it means that if we are really worried then we should be able to get checked out. I still don't know whether i have experienced braxton hicks or not. I can't tell.

    good luck
  • i think you are just getting used to the movment now, i jumped everytime my baby moved also but the last 3 weeks babys movments have got really strong and iv stoped jumping with every movment lol,

  • hi i am 20 weeks and sometimes feel the same way, like i suddenly realise di havent felt the baby for a while, but i usually feel him/her when i go tho bed, ior am sitting still like someoonw else said...another time is when i am eating something really tasty like cheese doritos or chocolate, dont know why this is, but maybe is when i eat sweet thing or things with nice flavours, dont know if baby can taste???
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