Did anybody have help from clomid?

Just wondered if anyone had help from clomid - I'm on my first cycle and I have pg symptoms and wonder if they are just side effects of clomid?

I think I ov'd on day 14/15 - Then I was getting twangs, aches pains all in tummy area! I've got really sore boobs - worse in the morning than the evening! Had sore boobs since ov. But have to take my bra off at night. And not achy - but like sunburnt if that makes sense - sore! Yet if you poke them or whatever if doesn't hurt. ???

I have also felt tired and not able to concentrate at work, I have only felt a little sick here and there! I have a bad back that comes and goes.

Then Last wednesday about a week after ewcm - I get more - the first lot was a bit rubbery - but I've had some every day since! So could these just all be side effects of clomid - or am I getting my hopes up?

I am on CD25 - 10 days after ov - and I tested this morning - I didn't mean to!!! I ordered a test off the internet yesterday afternoon - thinking when it arrives I'll test - that way I won't test early - thought it would get here tuesday or wednesday - it came today and I was like a mad woman possessed and poas!!!! And BFN of course.

Can someone tell me if they have had similar symptoms on clomid - and that this really is just side effects so I can stop thinking I'm pg! :roll:



  • Hi. I got my BFP last Sunday and AF was not due till Wednesday. This was my first cycle of clomid. The only side effects I would say that I got from Clomid was very bad ovulation pains. I have no real symptoms as such but have listed everything I noticed this cycle from ov:-
    CD18 Bad low pains - def ov - constipation
    CD19 More of a dull ache. Constipated
    CD22 Creamy White Discharge
    CD24 dull ache 10pm coloured discharge in pants
    CD25 dull ache lower and to right. Boobs feel funny (sort of heavy)
    CD26 Metal taste in mouth 10.30pm. Stich like pain low down in evening !!
    CD27 Lots of creamy discharge. Sharp pains low down
    CD28 BFP BFP BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope this helps and hope you get your BFP
  • Thanks Ladies!
    I'm on day 26 today - so I'm going to try and leave it until day 31 to test!
    I'll see what the blood results say when I go docs - I might not have even ov'd! I may just be imagining the whole thing! It's certainly possible!
    I haven't had any constipation - which I normally suffer all the time! I have been going more often with no trouble at all - even after eating bread and stuff - normally stuff that bungs me up for days...tmi sorry!
    Been getting all sorts of twangs and aches down below - but maybe just normal cramping but I'm imagining it to be more! I have had back ache on and off too!
    Thanks for your help ladies - I'll let you know how I get on!
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