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Hi all,

I know I am a bit early for them yet but was wondering where I can find out where I can get a 4d scan from... I live near hastings and didnt know how to go about finiding out info and was wondering if any of you had any ideas, especially the ones that have already ahd the amazing experiance

Lisa x


  • Hi Lisa,
    I am having one at the Conquest in Hastings, i'm not sure how you can find out but maybe a search in google or pop in and ask them. My friend is one of the midwives there and is doing it free for us as a xmas pressie!
    Maybe they'd give you more info over the phone.
    Oh and my SIL just had onein sevenoaks but think that is the nearest one, thats called baby premiere and their website is
    I can't wait till mine, they look so great don't they! I'm only 24 weeks so will have it just before xmas, i can't wait!! xx
  • you have a 4d scan at conquest??? if so is it available to the likes of me as that would be lovely...

    I wanted one but decided against it them me mum said her friend had one yesterday and it was just so amazing and if I can get one then go and get it done
  • i did a serch in google and found the place im having my 4d scan, hope you find out if there is one near u

    nikki 18weeks
  • I havr had a quick look around... I have found a place in sevenoaks as suggested and another in madenhead... was going do more searches today.. sevenoaks wanted ??95 for scan then everything else was extra... a dvd was ??50.. madenhead which is ??125 or something like that but that includes a dvd...

    I dont really know much about how much to go for as me mums friend paid ??140 and got scan dvd and loads of pics of different sizes in black and white and colour...

    we shall see
  • ??50 is a lot just for the dvd, i can buy extra dvds for ??10. and cd roms with 12+pictures are only ??10 to.there must be somewhere cheaper near your area hun id keep lookin, but i mean if you would be willing to pay that much its up to u at the end of the day isnt it hun,


  • oh no nikki i do agree with you which is why I shall keep looking... I am going to get one of my preg mags out tomorrow as there are always ads in back of them and have a look and see what they come up with... but glad I wasnt the only one thinking that hehehe
  • when i saw how cheep the scan was i thought thats good,but the prices to buy the stuff is alot of money i look at the ones in back ov mags to there will be cheaper ones near u somewhere just keep looking x


  • hi nikki thanks for your support... I never got round to looking today bit of a stressful day with tesco delivery and banks will have a look if not later then tomorrow x x
  • Hiya,
    I got my scan done at 30wks theres a dvd of it on my bebo page if you want a look www.bebo.com/amyi3 press play on the video box. xxx
  • My 4d scan was ??105, with a dvd and 4 pics (well we got 5 because she printed the wrong one by mistake!). The scan was around 25 minutes I think - they said 20 min scan but it was a bit longer - its a fairly new company and they were quite slow with the machines..which was fine by us.

    I'd originally been going to go to a place further away cause i didn't know about the nearer place - they did 10 min scan + 4 i think photos for ??65, but when i found a place nearer I figured it beat sitting for over an hour each way in the car!

    The package deals seem to be best..I've seens ome that quote ridiculous prices just for a dvd or a cd of pics as an extra!
  • there good prices where abouts is that?
    the one im goin to is only 20mins down the road so i havent got to worry bout beein sat in a car for to long lol


  • TigerFeet ,
    did u manage to find one hun? let us know.
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