when did your symptoms go??

I'm now about 8 weeks and my sickness has suddenly disappeared. Bit worried obviously as i now think something has gone wrong! Has anyone else lost symptons and still gone on to have a normal pregnancy?




  • i lost symptoms and started panicking lol i thought baby had died or something was wrong but held out till scan but it seem that i was dated at 11 weeks that week rather than the 9 that i had been told i should have been! lol image don't worry it might bee that bubba's had a growth spurt and no longer needs your to produce hormones for them as placenta takes over
  • My sickness has been on and off it started at 7 weeks then dissapeared at 9 weeks then came back again at 11 weeks and has now gone again at 13 weeks so I don't think you should worry.

    But I know how it feels to be in the first trimester as I was on the phone to my MW constantly lol

  • My symptoms stopped earlier on as well. But when I called NHS direct cause my docs were useless, she said it's a blessing. But I remember some ladies on here telling me that it can be deceiving.

    And not soon after that. I was ill. And I still am at 17+5

    good luck!!!!I'm sure all is ok.

  • Thanks for your replies. Been getting a few more twinges and more discharge than usual (tmi). Hope this is still ok too.
  • Hi jules I am so glad you brought this up, my symptoms are disappearing now, i am 10 weeks friday and always worry scan not until 11th jan. I am also glad you brought up the discharge as I have been having lots and even though this is my third it seems like a lot more than usual but I am sure things are preogressing we must just be lucky that the symptoms fade quicker they do say everyone is deifferent.

  • i had loads of clear discharge and it confused the life out of me then just been reading in birth section its called a show almost freaked out till i thought nahhhhh too early prolly just a bit of the pregnancy thing we have to deal with! had horrendous twinges that doubled me up but apparently its normal growth and stretching ligaments! i'm still pregnant and its been happening for weeks now image
  • Hi Jules.
    I am 9+4 weeks and have had NO symptoms at all. Other than missing my periods and having sore boobs at about week 7 but that went by week 8. I have been told just to thank goodness as I am one of the lucky ones??
    Nervous about my 12 week scan on 8th Jan though. xx
  • I think every pregnancy is different so try not to worry. With my first I had NO sickness so was it a real shock when I got it with my second! That time it lasted until 10 weeks and third time round it has just started to ease off at 12+2 weeks. The sickness has got worse with each pregnancy, I think this is def going to be my last, lol! x x x
  • My symptoms started disappearing at about 10 weeks! And I only had morning sickness - no sore boobs, bloating, toilet trips or anything else. I'm just pleased I've been lucky, lol.
    21+2 x x x
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