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Feeling the baby inside out but not out side in...

Hiya Girls...

I'm 20 weeks plus 2 days... at 14 weeks 1 day I felt bubbles twice up my left side of my bump... I know it was the baby cause it felt like it was being done to me rather than my body doing it.. its self if that makes sence and as it was happening I felt a glow of this is amazing this feels special!!

Any way nothing since!

I have a big bump all baby and really not put anything on else where... but I can find the baby if i push in a feel about a bit if he is sitting in the right place... sometimes I get a sharp pain in the ribs or Ovaries and I know this is the baby and have to push my bump away from that space or lean to the other side...

I know this is the baby - but i thought id feel like a swishing in side as he moves around on the sensation of being touched from the inside? not just the odd sharp pain and thinking oh he must be sitting on or pushing such and such place...i'm wondering have i already got what baby feels like or is there more to come...? a bit more being pleasent? :lol:image:lol:


  • i mean there are no kicks yet either that other people can feel as well...
  • dont know but got a scan wed so ill ask! x
  • my placenta is on the front i did start to feel afew kicks after my 20 week scan altho i was 21 weeks, i still dont feel sharp kicks now its more of a wriggle if that makes sense? Im 34+1 week so not long for me to go now!

  • I'm like MummyCara, I feel wriggles rather than kicks (33 wks) and have done since about 28 weeks. It's a great feeling, like having an earthquake in your stomach...but in a good that doesn't sound nice at all but it is. There will definitely be more to come - the movements change all the time. I felt the first kick (never felt flutters/bubbles) at 19+4 and first saw him moving on the outside at 23 weeks. xxx
  • I didn't start to feel the baby until about my 21st week, about 2 days before my scan. I was getting that watery, swishing about sensation to start with, and lots of pops and small bumps. This is my first pregnancy.

    Now I can get full on kicks that can knock me backwards when I'm sitting in certain positions! I can now tell the difference between a kick/punch and when he's turning round. One is a definite outward thrust and the other is more or a flicking feeling. Really weird but lovely too! I'm coming up for 26 weeks now so still a long way to go and the movements will probably feel different again soon.

    And my husband has really only been able to feel the movements in the last couple of weeks. He would keep missing it! Now it's much clearer and lasts longer so he can get to my belly in time to get kicked too!

    There is plenty more to come then!
  • oh that puts my mind at rest a bit more lol just too egar... x
  • Had my scan and the Doctor said it could be another 4 weeks before i feel any kicks and i'm 21 weeks today! image
  • Hi it must be love, I started to feel the odd kick about 21 weeks but its only now that I am starting to feel them regular and they keep getting stronger!
    Tammi xxx
    27 weeks
  • I forgot to put my placenta is at the front! thanks hun! x
  • hi! try not to get disheartened hun, i was really worried when at 19 weeks everyone else on here was reporting movements and i was still wondering if it was wind or baby every time i needed to pip!!! but i felt baby fully at about 20-21 weeks, my placenta is at the back so prob felt em a bit earleir than you will. doc has said another 4 weeks but it will prob happen 4 that! sometimes feel like being poked (gently) from the inside and sometimes full on wriggly movements!
    but im same as tammi, 26+3 and just starting to feel regular, strong movements and SEEING baby wriggle around! it is disheartning when others seem to feel it b4 you but it is sooo worth the wait!
    x x
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