When can the baby hear you talk??

I am 12 weeks and was wondering when the baby can hear you talking? I seem to remember seeing it somewhere that it was at 14 weeks but i can't seem to find anything on it?

Tracey x


  • hi tracey

    "Week 16

    Your baby
    Your baby can wave her fingers and toes about. She is covered in downy hair called lanugo (wool) to keep her warm before fat is formed. She can hear some sounds. She is 14cm long - about the length of a pencil."

    "Week 21

    Your baby
    His nervous system, muscles and adult teeth are forming. His hearing is acute and he'll jump at loud noises. He's 26cm, about half as long as he'll be when he's born."

    "Week 23

    Your baby
    He's now a fully-formed baby. He has a waking and sleeping pattern. He can hear his dad's voice more easily than yours. He loves to hear your voice so don't forget to say hello to him. He may be able to think. He's about 28cm and weighs 1lb."

    but personally i've always had little chats with my bump since about 6 weeks andstatred to play music to him/her at about 16 weeks. even if they can't quite hear it yet it doesn't do any harm.




  • Aww thats great thanks hun!
  • not really sure but i started talking to baby as soon as i found out i was pregnant x
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