Graco Cleo, Silver Cross 3d, M&P Pilko Pramette?

Call me mad as I'm not 12 weeks until next week, but we've been looking around at the sales and there seems to be some good reductions on travel systems and we need to spread the cost of everything. We are keen on the prammette style pushchair and was wondering what your views are on the 3 above or if you know of any others that we could look into?

The Graco Cleo does seem a lot of cheaper - anyone have one of these.

I'm leaning towards Silvercross.



  • My friend has the silvercross and i think its lovely! Its really nice to push and folds up quite small too which is good for her as she has a small boot. Another friend has the M&P, and i wasnt as impressed to be honest. It looks lovely, but we found it a real struggle to put together, and its not as nice to push as the silvercross. Also, i noticed when pushing it that in the pramette position, the back of it kind of knocks against your legs as you're walking? So once the nappy bag has gone over the handle bars it really gets in the way, and i felt like i had to push it really far in front of me to push it comfortably if that makes any sense. However the friend who owns it loves it, so i guess she adapted to that pretty quickly and has no other problems! Not had any experience with the Graco one i'm afraid, but it looks lovely on the internet! If you check out the mothercare website, a lot of the prams have a link where you can watch a video of the pram in action, which i found very helpful when choosing my pram! (I have the loola and love it lol)
  • lol, tallkatie i think we crossed posts! How funny that we had such differing opinions of it! My friends little boy is 5 months and still in the lie flat bit, but he is extremely tiny so that may be why!
  • hello my greco cleo comes today im so excited it seems so light weight and its very comact to be in the car.
    i think ts lovely
    e bay have shops on that u can great deals on take a look
    emm 26 w xxxx
  • Noooooo......dont get the silver cross 3D!!!!

    Louise grew out of the pram bit too - I wish I hadn't got a travel system but had gone for a lightchair pushchair suitable from birth or 3 months and then just used by baby carrier.

    You need to think how often you'll use it and what for. the 3d is a pain round shops as is so wide. We thought is was the best when we were looking though!
  • oh no....we have the silvercross 3d! When we went looking at various prams it was the only one I really liked, hubby thought it was too heavy but I was insistant it was the one I wanted, luckily we only paid ??100 for it on ebay for the pram and car seat.

    I have to say though that we got it out last week and I had to eat humble pie as I now agree with hubby that its sooo heavy! Also its really hard to put up and down, so not too sure what to do with it!

    Wish I'd seen or put up a post like this before I got it!!!

  • Hi click,click,
    i got my greco cleo pram yesterday i love it looks so cosy for the baby hope nobody was looking through the room window as i was pushing it around the room lol!!!!
    emma xxxxx
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