Sweep number two

Well, I had another sweep today. Also went for a long walk. Well, I say walk....! More of a waddle really but you never know. It might have helped!

Sorry if TMI but there has been blood and aching since, so hopefully its done the trick this time!

Come on little miss!



  • good luck matey.x
  • oh i so hope this one works for you. fingers crossed.

    kate 40weeks
  • Fingers crossed for you that this is the start, hope to hear news of your baby soon.
  • Thanks everso girlies!!! Getting excited now!

    And I've just ordered a sling for the baby off the net which I'm all excited about too! If you want to have a look I've ordered one of these...

    http://freedomslings.co.uk/Freedom Sling.htm

    I'm planning on breastfeeding and thought this would be a good idea for when we are out and about. Especially with having a toddler aswell, it might just free up my hands a bit for him.


  • Hi Reester

    Got my fingers crossed for you

    The sling looks great, can't see the prices anywhere on the website how much was it

  • It was ??22.99 plus ??2.50 p+p.

    I saw a lady using one of these a few months ago with her second baby. She had brought her toddler and baby along to the baby bounce and rhyme sessions we run at the library where I work, and it looked so good. It really seemed to free up her hands so she could keep the baby with her, rather than in pushchair/carseat and still be able to do the activities with her little boy at the same time.
    I've ordered the denim blue one. Can't wait to get it and hopefully madam will be here soon and we can try it out!


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