how big is my tum already!!!! (with pic!)

Hi ladies,hopefully above should be a link to a photo on my facebook of my belly!cnt believe how big i am already,im gonna be huge!!! any1 else got pics to put up feel free! love lookin at every1z bumps xxxx

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  • how many weeks are you in that pic? people keep telling me how small mine is and i'm 30 weeks. but its grown 2 cm in a week (yay)

  • that was today,not too sure how far yet as awaiting scan and not had periods since having my dd 8 mths ago but going on the clear blue digital i am 7 weeks!!! do u think they are accurate as im worried at how im showing already!!! lol
  • Hiya, I got pregnant when my baby was 6 months and was just like you are (it was confirmed only 1 baby is in there at 13 week scan)... I am now about as big as I was at 26weeks with my son (I am 18+4 now). I think it is a lot down to the small gap and muscles are a lot weaker and never toned back up in between.
    I do like being in the bump club - I hate the part where you know you are pregnant but no bugger else does! It's easier when you don't have to explain why you want to know precise ingredients when you go out for dinner lol or why you keep nipping to the loo!
    Are you glad to have a bump so soon?
    Hannah xxx
  • I'm huge hun! But then I am having twins..... I seem to be growing a centimeter a day eek! xx
  • i am as iv kinda bypassed the feeling fat stage as its noticeable that its a round bump but on the other hand i havent told every1 yet so having to wear baggy tops until my scan!!im also sure im gonna get the "god ur huge"comments!!and "ur gonna give birth to an elephant!" which il probably reply to "yes im sure i am!,my others were almost 9lb and if my last dd had gone to full term mw said she be 9lb11oz!" im also hannah! xxx
  • wow you cant be 7 weeks? can u? lol
  • dunno? im just going on the clear blue digital thingy so it all depends how acurate they are.Iv not had periods for 18mths so have no idea!its quite scary as id got back dwn to my pre preg weight and clothes size so i know its not fat it feels firm!scary!! xxx
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