pregnancy with bleeding??????

hi guys im sorry im from ttc forum and am a little worried after going to doc and they want to do pregnancy test.

ok im going to start from the top i last had a proper period on 3 jan 08 and then nothing till 26feb when i started spotting and haven't really stopped since but i haven't actually come on just very lite bleeding but not enough for pads or tampax.

went to doctor today as being fellin dizzy and sick yesterday and today i have been actually sick and dizzy and like the room is spinning. told him i came off pill in nov and that i have just being spotting and he wants to check if i am thinks it could be inner ear virus but wants to rule out pregnancy.

has anyone else had this spotting when pregnant i didn't think i was cause of spotting but now don't know

im really sorry about the long post

any help much appreciated


  • why don't u do a test?? xx
  • i did one day before spotting but im just trying to see if its possible
  • Not too sure about spotting this early on although I have heard of implantation bleeding which is when the fertilised egg implants itself in the womb lining you can sometimes bleed a little... I bled at 16 weeks for a few days which the MW thought was an internal cut but wait & see what your doc says when you go back & try not to worry.
    Good luck x
  • i am 10 weeks gone with no 4. i was 4 days late but had a bit of spotting so i done a test and there was a very faint line so i left it a few days and did another there was a deep blue line i had been spotting for 10 days so went to see doc and she confimed i was pregnant. so yes it can happen. some women have little bleeds during pregnancy.
  • Hey

    I had heavy bleeding and spoting before my 12 weeks. Doctors say they don't know what caused it. I think it all depends on the woman's body. There could be all sorts of different reasons for the spotting. Pregnant or not.

    I suggest taking a test at home if you really want to know. I was confirmed pregnant when i was due my next period. I just felt that my body was telling me something so I took a test on a whim. This is after 5 years of trying.

    Come back to us and let us know how you get on.

  • hiya babe. im 22weeks now and didnt find out i was pregnant until 11weeks as i was on pill and had period in sept. oct, and was spotting quite like a period n november but then had a full period at christmas. pregnancy test told me i was negative but because of the dizziness and light headed i went doctors and he sent off blood tests which came back saying i was pregnant. I concieved in October three days before my period started, yet i still had full period at christmas and spotting the month after concieveing so honestly make sure they do a blood test. make sure and let us know. sarah and blue bump xxxx
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