numb.. is it normal?

hi everone hope your all ok today?
i just wondered if this is normal. just below my boobs at the top of my bump it feels numb only a small area but i was just wondering if this is normal i was only small before i got pregnant and am presuming its because it's stretching but just wondered if any one else has this sensation and if it's normal.


  • Hey there
    I'm so glad that you posted this on here, as I was going to ask my mw next time I see her, as I have the exact same feeling.

    I'm 32+6 and have a fairly large bump, I've been suffering with rib pain for a few weeks and my mw said this is due to all the stretching that my body is doing to accomodate the baby but the numb feeling has been worrying me for the last few days.

    It's not constant and seems to be more noticeable at the end of the day. First thing in the morning I get this incredible itching in the same spot and the feeling that something sharp is digging in to me (and there is nothing there)

    Not seeing mw till 14th Nov, so it'll be interesting to see if anyone else is experiencing this as well.

    How many weeks are you?

  • Hi
    Im 35 weeks and have this numbness just under my boobs it feels like my bra is too tight but its there even if i havent a bra on. Had it for about a month now and it tends to come on an evening!:\)
  • well i hope its normal as i suffered from that too, and so did my sister when she was pg. Im 4 days overdue now and my bump is numb underneath- it feels really horrible to touch.
  • I get that from time to time as well.. it was particularly bad when I did need new bras but the one I have now is fine. I figure its just stretching, and probably doesn't help if baby has his backside shoved up my ribs too.. the time I had this really bad I found sitting on my birthing ball and leaning forward helped ease it up
  • thank god you all replied with having the same feeling i'm 34 weeks and was beginning to think it was just me. i saw my midwife last week but it wasn't my normal midwife as she's on holiday so it kinda threw me a bit and forgot to ask! hunibuni it's the same for me it feels like my bra is too tight even if i'm not wearing one even bought just a loose crop top to see if it was that but it didn't make a difference!

    feel a whole ot beter now! thanks image

  • hey,

    after me saying i had a numb feeling just below my breasts, i am now gettin a stabbing pain as if someone if jabbing me with a needle in the same spot, anyone else gettin this? should i ring the midwife? it really is quite a sharp pain babies moving as normal its just really quite painful


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  • Could be trapped wind? The last week or so ive been suffering from this. Everytime i move you can hearing it gurggling around. Its so painful. If this is what colic is like no wonder babies scream in pain!
    Hannah 41 weeks
  • I got the numbness too. I was small when I got pregnant also, and my bump is all up front, so think it is just the skin stretching.

    Not really had the stabbing pains, but probably is just trapped wind or muscles/tendons under strain.
  • no i don't think so its more like someone stabbing me with a needle. maybe someones got a voodoo doll of me lol!
    it might just be growing pains i guess! i'll see how it goes if it persists then i'll give them a call

  • I had numbness in the same sort of place fairly early on and it's back with a vengence, my midwife put it down to heartburn which i thought was a bit bizarre but after a few rennie or a glug of gaviscon it does go away!

    Not sure if that helps or i'm just a bit on the weird side!
  • Hi Babyboo

    I'm getting the stabbing feeling too as well as numbness.
    It almost feels like there is a thorn stuck in my clothes that I can't find and I can't get it out (weird I know!).
    It's not really a pain as such more of a sharp poke and I only seem to get it in the mornings (especially driving to work), whereas the numbness comes in the evening.

    Can't really describe it better than that! I'm going to ask my midwife when I see her next week as everything else is normal and baby's movements are fine but just wanted you to know you're not alone!

    Rachel xxx
  • hey rachel thats the same with m eexcept i get the jabbing pain and the numbness at night and just the numbness during the day and i've also got the midwife next week so i'll mention it to her then

    thanks x
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