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Hi girls

I'm nearly 9 weeks and unfortunately some lovely ladies (not!) at work have given me a tummy bug. I'm a bit worried whether this will effect the baby and just wanted some reassurance from you girls that things will be OK.

My morning sickness returned at 8 weeks (after a few days rest!) but seems to have stopped this lunchtime after I was ill with the tummy bug. I've not felt any twinges etc. for a couple of days (I think there was a growth spurt on Thursday). Do you think everything is OK? I'm not being sick, just the other end (sorry tmi!!! :lol: ).

The girls at work who gave me this are in big trouble when I'm back in the office...especially as I'm their boss :lol: :lol:



  • Hi hon sure you will be fine but remember to keep your fulid intake up to avoid becoming dehydrated (sp) and if you are at all concern then give your mw a call. I am sure she will put your mind at rest! Hope you feel better soon!
    Tammi xxx
    27 weeks
  • Hi hun, I have been in hospital today as caught a bug from visiting a relative in hospital for the last few days and hadn't felt the baby move since yday.I was sick and the other end! and had terrible reflux. Everything is fine and doc released me this afternoon with the advice of drinking plenty of water and eating high fibre foods. I am still going to the loo but its less frequent now.
    It took 20 mins to find baby heartbeat and the midwife was getting a bit worried but eventually found baby squished in a really awkward position, prob hiding from all the nosie that was going on in my belly!!!
    If you do feel worse or get worried then call your midwife or EPU. The midwife and doctor were so great with me today and told me off for leaving it so long to contact them!!!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Katie and bambino.x x x


  • Hi, I had really bad flu at 14/15 weeks, (I'm now 17 +4) for 10 days, I had severe vomiting and diaohrea, my oh got in touch with my doctor and he advised plenty of fluids, he prescribed dioralyte to help, but he said the baby would be ok as he/she would take the goodness it needed first. I was so scared that it might affect my baby though, however, I've since heard my baby's heartbeat loads of times and felt some movement.

    Hope you feel better soon, its horrible being poorly when you're pregnant, but I'm sure your baby will be ok xxx
  • Hi, I also had the tummy bug at 9 weeks and was very ill at both ends for over a week. Just lived on soups really. My doctor gave the same advice as AbsMum. The baby takes all the goodness from you and leaves you with all the crap (nice). Just keep your fluids up, I tried the dioralyte once but didn't like it. I had the same bug a few weeks later too. But I am now 32 weeks and all seems fine.
    hope you feel better very soon. xxx
  • Hiya, tummy bugs are nasty but won't harm your baby. Hope you're feeling better soon. I think u should give your colleagues a reminder that they should stay at home when they're ill - its irresponsible to come into work with a stomach bug, they spread like wildfire xxxxx
  • Hi Secretmama,
    I have had a bug this week too, unfortunatly I also have a ongoing stomach problem so got pretty scared about it. I had a doctors appointment Friday anyway and explained what had been going on she also said to keep my fluids up and eat little and often when I feel up to it. She also really helped to make me feel better by having a listen to the baby's heartbeat. It took a while but she found it which really made me feel more relaxed.
    If your still worried give your docs or mw a call I'm sure they will be able to give you some peace of mind!!
    Hope you feel better soon
    Lydia xx

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