Braxton Hicks

Hi all...
I was on another site and someone on there posted that she was having braxton hicks and wanted to know if this was normal for someone at 18 weeks... this is my third pregnancy and I am not sure...
but am asking as I think I may also be having them. I never had them with my other 2, well not to my knowledge anyways... then for past couple of weeks my tum has gone hard and soft again, sometimes it is uncomfotably tight... the lastest one being at tea time tonight....

Was just wondering if this is normal.. I would appreciate any comments before i phone mw tomorrow


Lisa x x


  • Hi Lisa, that sounds like braxton hicks to me. With my 5th i started getting them at 8 wks! x
  • Hi Lisa

    I found this time (3rd baby) that I definitely noticed them from around 18-20 weeks and was quite shocked! I dont remember them with my first, and only really felt them during the last month with my second.

    The strange thing is the seem to have got less recently, which is a bit of a bum as I am being induced on Friday and need to get this baby's head down...cue an evening bouncing on my birthing ball!!!

    Hope that helps!

  • I'm now 27wks and have been noticing this same tightening over the past couple of weeks too. Its not painful just uncomfortable, especially if you're trying to walk at the time! Is this Braxton Hicks?? It doesn't last very long, just a few minutes...xx
  • Hi all thanks for your advice...

    Joanne thanks for that link I found it interesting... I posted it on the other site as well and the other lady was very grateful and it out her mind at rest... thanks babe x x

    Yum Yum sounds similar to what I have so could possibly be braxton hicks... when I feel the tightening I stick my hand on tum and it feels harder than normal have you tried this???

    Lisa x
  • They can start from 6 weeks but are hardly noticable that early. I had them early with this pregnancy also.
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