Week away can anybody help?

Morning girls

I was wondering if anybody could give me some idea's or advice about where to go for a week's hols. I really feel hubby and I need a holiday and would love to just get away for a week somewhere cheap over here. Thinking or maybe renting a house or cottage somewhere.

I want to feel relaxed, have little pubs near by, go for nice long walks and just be at one with nature LOL I sound all hippy I am not but thats what I really feel like I need right now.

Can anybody suggest anywhere nice to go and stay?

K xx


  • Hi hun -
    I need a hol too.
    We've reneted a cottage in Cornwall over easter so excited about that.
    Hubby to me to a place called Griffon Forrest neat York last year and it was amazing.
    Log cabin, hot tub etc. (Though you'd have to let the hot tub cool down first!).
    But not sure how expensive it is.
    You could look on hoseasons website - they always have last minute cottages reduced.
  • Hi Hun.. i would suggest any where in cornwall!!!! loads of little pubs around, amazing walks along the beach and the best ice cream!!!!

    Polzeath is stunning and there is an amazing beach there, its close to padstow which is also beautiful.. Im sure if you type in cottages near there in google you will find a few?

  • Thanks girls these places sound sooooo good I will look that up MrsN that sound sooo good!! My friend said about Cornwal as well and she sent me this place to stay though I have never heard of it and don't know the areas there too well.


    K xx
  • the lake district! image plenty of places round here you can stay, lots of little pubs everywhere, some great walks round here... (usually with a pub every couple of miles or so..)

  • That looks lovely Klou.. its close to where i said Padstow/Polzeath so there are pleantly of lovely places around to go too.

    Now all i can think about is yummy cornish ice cream!!!! mint choc chip yum!! xxx
  • We stayed in a cottage at Pendennis Castle (Falmouth - Cornwall) for our wedding and would thoroughly recommend English Heritage for beautiful, unusual, romantic breaks.

    They have cottages all over the country too and some of the locations are really cheap, especially for mid week breaks.


    Bec 31+4 x
  • oh goonie i love pendennis castle!!!! how romantic and lovely!!!!!!!

  • We are also off to Cornwall this year - will be 34 weeks at the ime so seemed like a sensible option as its only an hour up the road! We are staying in on of these with my sister and her family -


    They have lots of different sized properties and were really helpful on the phone.
  • It was perfect image

    We had the cottage from Friday to Monday (we got married in the castle on the Saturday) and out of opening hours you have the grounds completely to yourself. The day after our wedding we went for a sunset walk around the castle perimeter, utter bliss!

    I would really recommend these cottages x
  • Girls thank you so much i knew you would be able to help I am taking all these down and then will be having a good look at them with hubby this evening. I am soo excited now lol

    Cornwal will take us about 5 hours to drive to from where we live so thinking a week would be best but it depends on the prices. Woo hoo i am all excited.

    K xxx
  • we have just come back from a cheap and cheerful weekend in cornwall. It was a bungalow on a John Fowler site. Very basic but more than adequate and cheap. Only ??100 for the 3 nights.

    can get you the info ifyou would like.

    Sarah x
  • Goonie i am sooo jealous!! That sounds amazing.. you must have some amazing pictures!

    Klou - what time of year are you thinking of going down there? Tintagel castle is another must see to put on your list of things to do when your down there x
  • Well it's too son to go this month, next month Peter can't take any holiday so it would be May i think.

    Oh great I have been to Cornwal but as a kid and it;s been ages so will defo have to look that up image

    K xx
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