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Hi guys, I saw my midwife a couple of weeks ago and I am now waiting for a scan appointment to come through. The thing is the midwife seemed a bit vague as to when I'm supposed to see her again. She said if I wanted the bloods that they preform at 16 weeks I'm to make an appointment but didn't say when to see her after that if I didn't want them done. All the information they have given me says you should see them every month but they said this has changed and they don't need to see you so much. So do any of you know when I should go back. Thanks B xx


  • I had same problem, was told at the hospitial to contact my local midwife for an appointment but not when to do it, hopeless!
    I just gave her a ring and told her how far along I was and she sorted it from there.
  • hi,
    I think the situation with the midwife appointments is awful,i am 24 weeks pregnant and have seen my midwife twice,i am now on my third pregnancy but she said its roughly the same for everyone,i have told the appointments are 14 weeks for bloods,28 weeks for bloods and a couple of weeks b4 due date.with my last two children i was seen every month until 28 wks then every fortnight,things have drastically changed!!
    good luck all!
  • i went in for 12 week appointment, then 16 weeks and again at 20 weeks. the midwife then told me not to come in until 28 weeks. not sure after that...I am going in at 24 weeks a would have just had an extra scan and was advised by hospital that i should see midwife after scan. not sure why. the midwives are pretty rubbish anyway, not doing all the checks/tests they should on me or baby. usually should see them every 4 weeks and towards the end it's every two weeks and then every week, i think...maybe different with diff health authorities.
  • I see my midwife every 5 weeks at the moment...

    I think its just normal not to see a midwife!! lol, I wish I saw her more often though because i get so paranoid that something could happen to the baby in those 5 weeks! lol
  • I think its usual to see your midwife less with your second/thrid etc. I have midwife appointments mixed in with GP appointments (at about 16 weeks and 24 weeks just as a general check). What with the scans it seems like its never more than 4/5 weeks til i see the next person.
    I remember with my 2nd pregnancy that the planning never really starts until 28 weeks anyway.
    I suppose from their point of view we're not ill and are perfectly capable of carrying babies but i remember how worrying it was being pregnant for the first time.
    My midwife said there are a lot of babies due next year so maybe this is why some of you are having trouble. x
  • This will be my first so its all new to me hopefully have my 12wk scan soon and will feel a bit better and go from there. Bx
  • I have a sheet here ladies that i got from my midwife at the hospital and everyone should realy get one i think it says...

    12 weeks (around and about) - Booking scan

    15 weeks - bloods (double blood test)

    letter form hospital (sayin wether or not your a high or low risk of downs etc)

    19 weeks - Anomaly scan (just scan, Maybe find out sex)

    22 weeks - see midwife/GP

    28 weeks - see midwife/GP

    32 weeks - see midwife/GP

    34 weeks - see widwife/gp

    36 weeks - see widwife/gp

    38 weeks - see widwife/gp

    40 weeks - see widwife/gp

    41 weeks - see widwife/gp (if baby is not delivered, booking in for enducement)

    Now as wee know some babies come early but this is only a guide until your baby is born

    hope this helped xlisax
  • we have the triple test around here and have it at 16 weeks & the first (dating) scan & booking in appointment around 10-12 weeks. we also don't get a results letter after our triple tests. well you get one if you're a high risk but if you're a low risk you don't get anything. then we have the anomaly scan around 19-20 weeks... it's strange how they do things different considering we are all under the NSH?
  • Yea it is weird, where I am seems to do things the same time as you wenders

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