Miscarraige scare!!!

Hey everyone. Last saturday I was on the tube with my partner when all of a sudden there was a sudden rush of discharge i felt. When before it happened it turned out to be nothing. So I didnt worry too much. Got home, Wrapped xmas presents. Went to the loo and I nearkly passed out from what I saw. There was blood everywhere and i hadnt noticed the blood on my skirt as I was wearing a coat. I screamed for my prtner and he was so shocked he couldnt speak. We thought it was over.I tried wiping everything away but it kept coming. And so did the tears and screams from both of us. As I wiped all I saw were blood clots. I didnt know what to think!!! Straight into a cab and to queen charlotte hospital.There I was kept waiting for ages.(No receptionist) Eventually when we were seen we had a scan and bump was doing flips and there seemed to be a heartbeat.But the quality of the screen was crap and she said she couldnt say for sure. So going in on Friday and having another scan.

Ladies you will not believe how scared I am.Is there anyone that had this and got through and is still pregnant? Please just give me an ounce of hope.

Tashy and bump!!


  • Hi Tashy,

    I am really sorry for what you are going through and can only imagine how awful it must be. Unfortuantly I can not help as have never been in your situation, but I do hope that everything is fine and will keep everything crossed for you on friday.....

    All the best

    Lisa x
  • Hi Tashy, hang in there girl. I've never been in your situation either, and I can only begin to imagine how scared you feel right now, but I'm keeping everything crossed for you and hope you get the OK on Friday.

    Jo xx
  • Thank you very much for the support ladies. I do appreciate it!!!!

  • I had constant bleeding in the early days, but it wasn't heavy, just a light bleed. I would have been so terrified if that had happened to me! I hope your okay.
    GOOD LUCK! It sounds like everything is alright so keep your fingers crossed. How far are you? All the best.
    Philippa 15+3 x x x
  • So sorry to hear what has happened to u it must be awful, i hope everything goes okay on your nxt scan (im sure it will), good luck and sorry i cnt give u anymore advice. Kerry x
  • I can't help either but wanted to show my support hope you have good news on Friday xxxxxxxxxx
  • Ive just spoke to my friend who experienced the same thing, a huge gush of blood and this turned out to be a placenta rupture. Unfortunately lily mae was born premature at 28 weeks at weighing 1lb 15oz but she is now a year old and is doing fantastic. She is a healthy lil girl who has just started walking. Hope this gives u sum extra encouragement.
  • You must be worried sick. Lots of love and best wishes for your scan tomorrow. Keep us posted, till then we'll be thinking of you.
  • HI everyone. I'm glad to see that I have so many people supporting me and behind me. I feel a bit more confident cause not alot changed in my diet and my boobs are still hurting like normal. Still a bit worried though.

    But thank you for being thends holding me up!!!! Its nice to speak to others that can offer just that bit of positive and supportive vibes. It makes me feel alot better.

    Let you know tomorrow what happens
  • Good luck for 2muro Tashy. Hope it all goes well x x x
  • hope all goes ok tomorrow hun. xx
  • hope it goes well today tashy Fingers x'ed!!!!
  • Hi everyone!!!I am back from the hospital and I saw bump. He was kicking and putting on a show. But he has a healthy heartbeat and and a defined nose like daddy!!!!!

    I say he, but we don't know whether it's a he/she. Thank you for all the help girls.

    Hope it gets easier from here!!!

    Tash,hubby and bump!!!
  • So pleased everything was ok for you! xx
  • image see positive thought do help image we were all routing for you lil bump and for your mommy too. when are you due tashy?
  • I am due in May next year 25th!!!!How bout you?they messed up my referal and I have still not seen a Midwife or been for Antenatal classes....Idiots. I'm p***** off about that!!! I should have had me twelve week scan by next week and they havent even got me booked in.Or that I have refered. I am fuming!!
  • lol i'm dut a month and a day after you lol i've been to see the midwife yesdterday and she's asked for me to see the consultant along with the scan as 'i'm a high risk pregnancy' won't hear anytghing for about2-3 (closer to 3) weeks.i thought anti natal didn't start till your a lot further into the pregnancy tho... at least your more prepared than i am, (x-mas shopping wise) no idea what to buy the parents this year or the younger parts of the family.
  • Hi tashy, im so glad everything is fine for you.

    I also had a bleed at 7 weeks, very scary and I was almost hysterical. I was certain that i had mc but the scan showed a tiny heartbeat, never felt so relieved in my life. Im 31w now and have had no further problems with bleeding.

  • I was the same. I was 13 weeks when I woke up one morning and went to the loo saw blood, didnt panic until saw a clot. Went for a scan and they said a bit of the placenta had come away but not to worry as it would heal its self. 5 days later had a much heavier bleed also in the moring this time there were lots of clots, one after the other and i feared the worst. But yet again went sraight for a scan and they said baby was fine and the placenta was fine. It is a mistery why i bled so much the second time. but fingers crossed now its been 5 weeks and i havent bled so im hoping im over it. Hopefully you will be to. Good luck.
  • Im so glad everything is okay, Iv bin tracking this story waiting for your good news, my friend (who is not a member) but I told her about you has also bin asking so now I can report back some fabulous news, gud luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Kerryx
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