Do the old wife's tales match up with what you're having?

For those of your that know what your having have you had all the right symptoms for your baby's gender? Could you take this quick quiz and find out? I don't know what I'm having but I'm dying to know if people generally find the old wif'es tales match up!!


  • That was fun!!!

    I was only thinking bout these the other day (was really booooored) and its 1 1/2 til I find out. Anyway the results of that told me its 67% girl! Will be mad if its true!

    Thanks for that
    Love Lee xxxxx
  • Hiya
    I dont know but ALL old wives tales say girl to me. However, as you know I pretty sure I saw a willy last week. Am thinking of finding out on thursday just to shut me up!!! Wont tell anyone! well, apart from you lot, sisters, my mates etc.....
  • Mine said 78% chance of a boy and we are having a boy, so guess it matches up pretty well!

  • i can't do quiz properly as i only 10 weeks! so can't do kicking bit, but at beginning said 60% girl then next 5 questions said 60% boy hmmm. i think i am having a girl but i have no symptoms so everyone keeps saying its a boy so i'm thinking it might be!
  • Mine said 67% chance of girl and we know that is what we are having!
  • i did the predictor on here with age and when conceived said girl but i am 50 50 or whether its boy or girl! we r getting a private sexing scan at 16 or so weeks as we r too impatient well my hubby is haha xx
  • Well mine said 53% girl and I'm definitely having a boy! xxx
  • mine was right told me i was having a boy which i am so it worked for me was fun doin it as well. tori X
  • Mine said 67% boy - matched up to the gender predictor thing on here - and I've been convinced its a boy from the moment I suspected I was pregnant! Don't ask me why - just a funny feeling....... Let's wait and see, eh?
  • It said 80% for a girl tho lm convinced its a boy

  • The quiz said i have a 67% chance of having a girl. And the gender prediction test on this site also said a girl. (I don't actually know what it is going to be) I've been convinced it's a boy? I guess i'll find out when i have the baby in 11 weeks and 4 days time.
  • Hi. It said we're having a girl. Hubby and I are both convinced its a girl! Although its too early for me to answer the kicking and shape of bump questions. We won't be finding out until he/she is born though xx

  • hi i did this test with my previous 2 or something similar and each time predicted a boy I also did the prediction chart on this site. And with both the old wives test and the chinese genger chart i was predicted bouys and had 2 girls with this one again predicted a boy, and on that test 60% boy yet i think its another girl.

    I think i am just destined to be the opposite!

  • Well mine said a girl and im convinced its a boy i find out on the 11th (if bubba behaves) so il let you know then
  • The chinese predictor says girl, the old wives thing comes out almost 50/50 for me. The baby doesn't want us to know!!! One of the biggest indicators is heartrate with boys being below 140 and girls above but my baby is always around 140!!!! Suppose its only 2 - 7 weeks to go until baby comes!!!
  • With all 3 of mine the wives' tales were correct but the chinese chart was wrong for my 2 boys and right for my little girl!
    Nicospoon - my little girl always had h/b of 140 and even tho we found out she was a girl, I thought she might've been a boy as i carried her the same as the boys. When she popped out, i said 'hello girly - it is a girl isn't it?!' to my hubby! Had to check!
    Good luck all waiting mummies! x
  • Like the little rhymes!

    It said 60% boy. Which the little test on here said also. Still very early days for us though and our hospital has a policy for not revealing the sex of the baby so i'll let you know when he or she pops out!
  • 89% girl, which is what i'm having they can work occasionally xx
  • Hi Nicospoon
    I know that i am having a boy and according to that im having a girl so i guess they arent always right!!! But my lo's heartrate is always around 150 beats per minute so against he goes against all the odds:lol::lol::lol:

    I guess you will know soon anyway. Good Luck
  • Hi the old wives tale said 60% boy and the one on here says girl. Im actually having..... A suprise so will let you know in 21 days x
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