when do i go to the drs?

hi girls

i am 4+3,when should i go to the drs to get booked in?is this too early?

thanks xx



  • hi, firstly congratulations! I think everywhere is different but i phoned up my dr's as soon as i found out and they gave me the number for midwife as my midwife isn't at my dr's. I phoned up and didn't even really know how far gone i was (i knew it was between 4-6 week) and they booked in to see me about 3 weeks later-going on me being about 6 weeks when i phoned and would be about 9 weeks when i saw midwife for my booking in app. The best thing to do would be to phone up your dr and they should either book you in for a few weeks time or tell you when to phone up to get booked in



  • i have made appointment for 11am,i wanted it for tomorrow but wasnt able to see my usual dr then!


  • dr didnt even want to test my urine! gave me form to entitle me to free prescriptions,and said midwife would be in contact in 4 weeks! that was it!


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