where abouts on the bump or body are contractions when they

where abouts on the bump/body are contractions when they start? i honestly cant remember? if i have bh's the tightenings are kind of belly button level but im not sure if thats where real ones start? does anyone else know/remember?

i know its prob different for everyone but would be good tohave some kind of idea just incase



  • When I was induced with my daughter it felt like I needed a poo so much it hurt to start off with! The pains were all over my bump and in my lower back. But I think induced contractions are different to natural ones. My mum said that they feel like an intense period pain and are in bottom of bump and lower back to begin with.
  • Contractions mainly in my lower back throughout labour and tightening over my bump
  • just to throw a spanner in the works my nan had all her labour pains in the top of her legs. nothing in her bump or back.
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