Strange symptom?!


Just wanted to ask you ladies a quick question...

In early pregnancy, did you have a feeling in your tummy that is like a pair of tights around it, like a squeezing sensation?? Along with this i have cramps, lower back ache, headaches and sope nips!!

I am now 2 days late, did a test yesterday which was negative.

Testing again tomorrow but i am just super curious about this tights sensation!! hahah!!


  • hi, i felt like my stomach was bein pushed from the inside out is a really weird feeling a tight feeling.
    Tori (32+2)
  • that is how i feel!! a mix of the inside pushing out and the outside just feeling tight!!

  • On the day wen my period ws due l had really bad cramps and generally didnt feel v well so it ws a wk b4 l did a test lm now 15 wks preg. Wen did u do the test?l think its best to do 1st thing in the morn. Good luck image
  • I did one yesterday morning and then couldn't resist and did another this evening which was also neg but my wee looked like water, hahaha!!

    Going to wait it out until end of the week till i test again- if af doesn't arrive that is!!
  • ya fibber you'll be poas again in the morning! lol
    Good luck though, will also be doing same as due af and not here. Have been having similar pains and have wet cm down there also9sorry tmi). Good luck. Filo x
  • Hey,

    Don't know about this feeling as I didn't know I was pregnant for 12 weeks but I wish you all the best of luck! I hear the clear blue digital tests are great lol.
    Lauren (33wks) xox
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