hi im worried that wen i go 4 my scan ther wnt be a baby i dnt knw y i feel like this!i knw im def preg had it confirmed by the doctor! am i just being silly?


  • at least i knw im not on my own! i had a mmc in july so im abit worried anyway i have every symptom u cud possibly have!

    ive had a really bad year this year too had 4 members of family die all in a short space and misscarried in july, so i really want this to happen x
  • I didnt know you can hear the heartbeat on a dobbler so early?OMG when i read that i had instant tears in my eyes. I saw a very strong heartbeat at 9 weeks. and then again at 11 and then again a week later due to bleeding. i dopnt ahve my 12 week scan booked yet. as my doctors forgot to refer......I am fuming but relaxed at the same time!!i want a doppler too!!!
  • When I went for my 12 week scan I felt the same as you. I was so worried that there would be nothing there. To make things worse there was a couple in the waiting room who had obviously just had bad news, they were both crying and getting a lot of attention from all the staff.

    When it was my turn, i was so nervous but as soon as the scan started I could clearly see my baby and could not believe that in such as short space of time that it looked like a perfect little baby.

    I think most people have these worries and its completely normal.

    Good luck

  • thanx ladies! at least im not on my own thinkin like this! its put my mind at ease now!
  • Ah Becnbump,
    You really deserve some good luck i'm sure everything will be fine this time. I think we ALL worry irrationally there is no baby in there especially after a mc but its worth remembering that the vast majotity of pregnancies are fine.

    For those interested in dopplers,i bought one from ebay the other day, Angel sounds for ??30, apparently it works from 10 weeks. I thought long and hard about it as am worried about getting obsessed but decided to get one and be sensible with it. Should have arrived by the time i get home tonight so i'll give it a try! x
  • Oh Jamtart!!! My hubby bought one for me today as well. As soon as I heard I wanted one as well. Also from Ebay for that price and also Angel sounds....I will let you know how mine goes...keep us updated
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