blood! help pls!!!!

oh my god

please help me

im 6+6 and i went to the loo earlier and when i wiped there was pink blood!!!!! what do i do???? this happened when i was preg before and i had a mc!

im so scared!


  • Hi,
    I had this with my first pregnancy it was only a bit but everything went on to be ok. Give your doctor a ring if u r really worried they should take into account your last miscarriage and have suggestions for you.
    Good luck with everything
    Dani xxx
  • Hi, firstly I know it's hard but don't panic. It's really bad pains and clots that you have to look out for. I have had brown pink and bright red blood in this pregnancy. I am now 34 weeks. Call ur Dr or mw if you have one. If they are no help (they weren't for me) then go to a&e. When I went there I got examined and scanned multiple times. I say just go to hospital, at 6+6 weeks you should be able to see a hb (not guaranteed) but I did then. Don't think the worst, I wish you and your baby good luck. I hope all turns out ok.
  • Dont panic just yet as countless girls on here have bleeding but call you doc asap and demand you go to an EPU, good luck keep us posted xxx
  • Stay calm - Give your gp a call and ask to be refered to epu for a scan - please dont panic as it wont help you.

    Alot of people bleed during pregnancy so it could just be one of those things -

    I hope that all is ok - please let us know and good luck x x x x x
  • Oh Ashy you poor thing. It really could be nothing to worry about - I had some brown discharge at 6+4 and a scan at the EPU proved everything was fine. Fingers crossed you can get an appt, I hope with your past history your gp will be sympathetic.

    (You can actually refer yourself to our local EPU as they have a walk in clinc every morning for early pregnancy, maybe you have something similiar near you?)

    Bec 26+4 x
  • hi. thank you for your replies. iv rang and spoke to my doctor direct and asked him to refer me to EPU. he is going to ring me back when he has spoke to them.

    ashy 6+6
  • Sorry to hear this Ashy, you have done the right thing by contacting the doctor. Hopefully you will get a scan ASAP. Bleeding is very common in early pregnancy so try not to panic, I know its easier said than done!
    Take care
  • Hun I hope that it is all ok....let us know.

    I haven't chatted to you before but read all about you.....

    Keep positive xxx
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