I was on 20 a day when I found out I was pregnant, and I was advised to cut down straight away and then give up, withn 3 weeks I'd stopped completely.

I had one a couple of weeks ago and since then Ive been having between 1 and 3 most days, I feel sooo guilty each time I have one but I can seem to stop, I keep finding myself getting stressed and it really helps me feel calm again. I'm just so worried about hurting my baby, how can I shake the need for a smoke?


  • Have you tried the lozenges or patches? They'll give you the nicotine buzz without the harmful smoke. You know you can do it - it's just your willpower you need to kick back into shape. You did so amazingly well to give up, don't go back now!! You've got the strength to do it so throw out all your fags and lighters and stuff... are you buying your own or cadging them off people?

    Good luck & keep posting on here if you need more encouragement! xx
  • i stopped smokin when i found out i was pregnant as it made me feel so sick, sadly iv gone back to smoking but i dont buy them and have between 1 - 10 dependin on what im doin. i feel so guilty but i cant help thinkin that when i dont have a cig when im stressed my stress levels cant be good either! i know that is no excuse and i do need to stop but i just cant. xxx
  • i am the same, i quit for about 5 weeks with the help of an nhs support group and patches but then i stupidly slipped back on the fags and have been finding it really really hard to stop again...find myself sooo stressed with my 5 yr old and hubby tht i just ending up turning to cigarettes. am 36 wks now and on patches today, not smoked so far so really hoping that if i can stop for the next 4 weeks at least then its gotta be good for lo. i hate myself for having not done it so far and every time i light up, i want to cry but it is sooo hard xxx
  • Im 26+2 and have cut down from 20 a day to between 2 and 5. Im under alot of stress at the moment and my midwife says its better to cut down gradually than altogether as the stress itself can be more damaging for the baby.

    Have had 2 today so far so good
  • i wore a patch once then accidentally had one with patch on i was so sick ive never touched one in the three years since i did it lol, make nthe habbit as horrid as poss i.e if u smoke indoors say to yourself right i'll only smoke at bottom of garden so you have to leave warm comfiness to have a cig! at the end of the day just making the decision to try to quit is a big thing that non smokers dont get! cutting down slowly may not be whats reccomended but i figure the more stressed u get the more likely u'll just think sod it n decide not to quit at all. keep going its worth it and u could always use ur cig money to buy cute clothes or save it all up n replace ur wardrobe when ur back to normal size?
  • hiya i used to some loads until a year ago then i got zyban tablets from the smoke clinic which were fab i just didn't fancy a fag anymore but i'm sure you can't take them when your pregnant, but it might be worth asking your gp just incase. if not i know loads of people who have read allan carrs easy ways to stop smoking and swear by it, 1 of my friends read it coz her mum gave it to her she had very little intention of giving up but by the end of it she'd quit so it might be worth a go. but i think you've done really well so far every bit helps and i'm sure you'll do it eventually
    good luck x
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