Hi I am from the TTC forum, just wondering out of your preggers and been preggers ladies how many of you felt implantation?


  • I haven't felt Implantation either time personally. I haven't had implantation bleeding either. It is different for everyone!!!
    Are you asking because you think you have felt it or are you just wondering? Either way good luck and i hope that bfp comes soon for you! Hannah xxx
  • No not felt a thing just wondering if there was such a thing hehe
  • this is my 4th baby and i havent had implantation with any of mine xx
  • on my first pregnanvcy i had a implantion bleed and really bad implantion pains but didnt know what it was till i found out i was pregnant,just thought af was due,on this pregnancy ive felt nothing,i did have a bleed at 7 weeks pregnant which the doctor said it could have been implantion.


  • I had implantation bleeding, this is my first. I thought it was my AF to start with.
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