Who is actually feeling 'Broody'??

Are pregnant women supposed to feel broody? I remember before I was pg I saw little babies and thought wow I'd love to have another they are sooooooo cute! Now I'm preg I'm not really bothered about babies anymore. I don't mean that I'll neglet this one lol....just that now I've got what i wanted it doesn't seem that great anymore.

I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this. Don't get me wrong I am really excited about giving birth and having our baby. Is it just a case of seeing something you don't have and desperately wanting it then when you've got it it like...well now what?!

Sorry if I may seemt ungrateful. Love n hugs Karys xx x x



  • I know what you both mean! I went to see a friend in hospital on Friday with her newborn - he was 2 days old... I had a cuddle and held in my arms whilst he slept for ages, but I didn't get the same yearning feeling that I would have got if I hadn't have been pregnant.

    I came away very excited and looking forward to meeting our own, but I wasn't gushing about seeing them to everyone I know like I would have been 4 months ago....

    Strange creatures aren't we!? :\?
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that! I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me. Before I was pg I would get all gooey over babies and baby clothes, now I look at the clothes that we have bought and I just feel slightly scared! Like you say, I am looking forward to meeting lo and she is very much wanted, but it's as if there is just no need to get so excited about it now she is on the way.
  • I dropped on the broodyometer but its shot right back up this last fortnight now that I'm on the homeward straight - can't wait!

  • i have been broody all the time ive been preg my cousin had a little boy about 7 weeks ago and i always brood over him maybe because i no im having a girl i seem to be more broody over boys lol cant wait to meet my little Teigan now Sophie 40+5 xx


  • I think its normal for pregnant women to be like this, I used to coo over babies and now im pregnant im not really that bothered. But i remember after having Rhys i used to get really jealous of pregnant women, its weird how the mind works. Kerry xxx
  • Oh, I remember getting jelous of pregnant women after I had Millie. I thought it was just me being odd!
  • I feel awful, I love and want this baby but I just havent bonded with it yet. Whats wrong with me?
  • I am the other way like Zoey, really broody. Went out last night and there was a woman with her newborn baby girl. My oh kept saying let's go over and say hi but it looked like it was her first night out since the birth (baby was tiny: her belly was huge!) so I didn't want to disturb. I felt really jealous but there was another woman in there who was pregnant, not that far gone maybe 20-30 weeks and she must have had spd as she was struggling to walk so I just thought well at least I'm still up and about fine and only got 3 days to wait. xxx
  • I always really wanted one, but now I'm having one I'm not that broody! I think my mind is pleased that I have got one so maybe that emotion has been turned off!?

    Tiger Lily - love your new picture!

  • Nothing wrong with you. I had a scare this weekend. My lil one is 18 months but the scare frightened the life out of me....I thought oh my god I just want my tummy back for another year or so. I kind of get broody but dread the thought of it just yet. Don't worry us women are strange altogether!!lol
  • Thanks lol....I am very scared how big my bump's got! It looks like it is consuming me!!!
  • I'm like jellyfishpink! I think the broody hormone has switched off now I'm pregnant. But I think when the baby is born it will all change as when I had Evie I didn't want anyone else to hold her except me!!

    I got jealous if someone else has playing with her and was REALLY possessive etc etc. Might have been a touch of post natal depression but I was fine after a couple of weeks.


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