Why has my stomach suddenly become public property??? A guy at work who I hardly know came out the lift today and placed BOTH hands on my bump! WTF??? I can understand if I said baby is kicking and close friends asked if they could have a feel but random people?? And all they are feeling is a fatter tummy...what are they trying to do???



  • I had this with my MIL and i hated it, I bought a top from a site called that says DO NOT TOUCH THE BUMP! It worked! I don't understand why people think they can just come up and touch you! Would they do that to the baby?! i would bloody well hope not!
  • lol i was really protective over my bump with brooke i hated people touching it the only people id let touch it was my OH n my best mate. my mum kept trying to touch it and i wudnt let her! sod a stranger! im not soo bad this time round dosnt bother me people touching it.! x
  • I dont mind people touching my bump, as long as i know them!!! didnt like mil touching it so i just moved away when she tried, which was only about 2 times!!
  • I dont mind so long as its not men i don't know very well. Plus at the moment i'm selfconscious as its just podge! x
  • my MIL hit my bump quite hard at Christmas and i was really annoyed but kept it all in
  • I dont mind who touches my bump to be honest, as long as i know them! Although i've never really had it come up with the in laws who have never even asked if they can have a feel, and if i'm honest i've never really encouraged them lol. But strangers really annoy me! It always seems to be old ladies for some reason! One came up to me in the post office, put BOTH her grubby mitts on me, shook my bump and said oooh not long now dear! I looked at her like she was mad, told her i wasnt pregnant and walked off! Hopefully that will make her think twice before she does it to someone else!!
  • LOL lynz I'm sooo going to do that next time someone grabs my bump! I've found family and friends to all be very considerate and they check with me that it's OK to touch, but why do strangers think it's OK to just jump in there?!!

    think I'll get one of those t-shirts Tracey has as well


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