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I posted a similar thread in ttc but no ones replied:\(

I was wondering how many cycles did you chart before you got your BFP?


  • Hi Isa, I charted 3 cycles before I got my bfp. Unfortunately though I have PCOS so that was about 6.5 months of charting!! However it really helped me, I think I would have easily missed my few ovulations had I not been charting. Also my first cycle unfortunately my husband was away in Canada at the crucial time so that was a wasted cycle!
    hope that helps. any more questions I'll be glad to do my best to answer!
  • Thanks Moomin xx
  • 7 the first time and 3 the second. It usually takes a few months to see a pattern forming. The first few you can recognise in hindsight and learn from them. Good luck!
    Lilou x

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  • I think I did 6 when I got my bfp and it definitely helped, especially as I had just come off the pill and my cycles were a bit off.
    Good luck!! x
  • I got mine my first month charting. It was a fluke really as you can only see when you ov'd after it has happened and I hadnt been charting long enough to see a pattern. I did find it very reassuring though as I didnt know if I was ov;ing or not.

    Best of luck
    Lisa xxx
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