16 weeks...would i be mad to apply for new job?

things at work arent great and theres a lot of changes going on...people leaving etc. if i wasnt pregnant i would definitely be looking for another job....but as i am pregnant i was waiting until after my mat leave to make any decisions. BUT ive just seen a job i would love, that im qualified for, advertised....and i dont know what to do!

i dont know whether anyone would look twice at me - obviously being pregnant! (yes i know discrimination laws etc but how on earth could you prove it?)

and i know i wouldnt be entitled to mat benefits as such, but would i be entitled to anything at all? in my current position i only get 90% for 6 weeks, then ??112 for 32 weeks (or whatever it is...) so its not like id lose much....

ohhhhh why dont i ever do things the easy way?!?


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