hello my baby has had hiccups twice today im sitting here and all i can feel is baby jumping its quite cute does any1n elses baby get alot of hiccups and is it ok?


  • hia my daughter had hiccups loads every day when inside me!when she was born she was still the same for the 1st 6 weeks or so!!its so cute lol xx
  • My baby gets hiccups almost every time I eat or drink! It is cute! I just think that its greedy!!
  • my baby has hiccups a couple of times a day too.

    Can you ever feel hiccups on the outside of your bump or would you say that was kicks?

  • Hi, our little man gets hiccups most days, and so did our other son. It's very normal, and my midwife said it helps with the development of their lungs. I can see and feel on the outside of my bump when he has hiccups xx

    39 weeks
  • funny u should say that i just had my hand on my stomach and i cud feel little movements which matched up with the hiccups lol i find out wot im haveing tomorrow morn and i cant w8 xx
  • Ooh, exciting - have a lovely time! image xx
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