Are mussels ok?

are cooked mussels ok to eat...or best avoided... as i cant seem to find a definitive answer.

it appears raw ones are best avoided - well no problem there...but what about cooked ones?

any advice gratefully received.......x


  • ewwww can't believe you'd even look at one let alone eat it. lol
    mussels are ok apparently just make sure restaurant is a good one and they are safe. If in doubt you may have to avoid, sorry hun. happy eating!!
    Filo x
  • Bleugh I'm with Filo on this one - mussels cooked or otherwise really don't do it for me!!

    I'm not sure on this one I have to say but you do have to be careful with shellfish.

  • Mussels are quite nice, had them in france when I was a kid, mussels and chips lol. I'd say go ahead as long as you avoid the ones with the closed shells. xxx

  • Oh no, Yuk! never liked these sorry!....anyway back to your question I am sure they say to avoid shellfish..sorry! check the internet though x

  • mmmmmm I love mussels! I have avoided them though just incase of a dodgy one!!

    think its up to you though sweetie.

    I have infromed oh and after this baby is born i am sitting down to a feast of unpasturised cheese, mussels, oysters, pate, meduim rare steak, soft boiled eggs, smoked salmon and gin and tonic, wine, champagne, cold beer....

    wow that makes me sound really posh?!! lol! i'm not I just love me food!
  • I think you just have to make sure they are cooked properly they should be fine. Same with all shell fish I think. As Tigerlily says, make sure the shells are open properly. S x
  • I'd be really really careful about going ahead with mussels - I went to a good restaurant last weekend and my hubby had them - only had the ones that were open etc etc and then promptly came down with a bout of food poisoning in the early hours.
    Not saying that this would necessarily happen to you, its just that they are so unpredictable - I'd be wary of having them.
  • I love mussels too but have avoided them cos I didn't think I was allowed them. I'm proerbly wrong though xxx
  • I love mussels too but have avoided them cos I didn't think I was allowed them. I'm proerbly wrong though xxx
  • I've eaten mussels and i was fine, my mw told me shellfish is ok jst make sure cooked properly
  • I would really avoid mussels. They can have a strain of food poisoning which can't be detected and they will taste absolutely fine but clear your insides out within a few hours (personal ecperience, 4of us were hit by it!)
    So avoid them!
  • thanks everyone...i guess ill just wait another 4 months...would be daft to get food posioning just for the sake of a mussel or two (sob!)
    im so with emdt...i cant wait to feast on a meal of pate, mussels followed by a huge cheese board of brie and goats cheese and washed down with a pint of magners.....
  • Good call Wilko - I love mussels but shan't be eating them. No matter how well cooked, a dodgy one is a dodgy one.

    I'm not sure what, if any harm tha dodgy one could do to baby beyond say 3-4 months but if you are sat on the loo for a couple of days, dehydrated and unable to eat then that certainly won;t help you or baby.

    Give yourself something to look forward to image

    My dream post-pregancy dinner: -

    Starter - Prawn cocktail or goats cheese salad (or both1)
    Main - Seafood pealla
    Pudd - Chocolate mousse
    And a cheese and biscuit course with all types of cheese including brie and stilton
    All washed down with a nice glass of wine and strong coffee


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