Anyone heard from Flush30?


  • Ames123 saw her last week and shes doing well but cant get on here because of her new job I
  • What Helen said!!!

    Saw a pic on facebook and she is sporting a lovely bump!!!

  • Hi PTB, yeah Flush and I had lunch on Weds as we live fairly near each other. She is looking fab with a lovely neat bump, and has just started hypnobirthing classes! She has no internet access at work and doesn't get home til late and is too knackered to come on BE.
    I will tell her you were asking after her. x
  • Ah thanks girls, glad she's ok.
  • Ladies - hello! Cannot believe its been so long since I was on here...

    And so lovely to be asked after (thanks Ames for letting me know. And her bump is looking super-fab) - how are you all? What's your news?

    I've been madly busy at work - the new job is brilliant and challenging but long hours and stressful at times - I can't often be bothered to turn on my computer sadly... x
  • PS I am going to be less lazy and check back on here tomorrow to hear all your news! Off for my dinner...
  • Hi Flush, I was wondering where you'd got to about a week ago and hoped everything was ok and then I saw Ames post on the homepage mentioning you.
    So pleased that you and your bump are doing well.
    I have a new donor and had attempts on three consecutive nights up to and including ov day this week so have everything crossed and am trying not to symptom spot-but you know what I'm like!LOL!!
  • Hi Helen - glad that you've got a very good donor sorted out. Three days on the trot sounds like a fabulous way to get your well deserved BFP. As for the symptom spotting - the only time I didn't do it was the time I was up the duff, but I know how impossible it can be to stop!

    Good luck with the new donor. And lovely to hear your news x
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