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I am amazed at how many different size bumps there are. :\)
Some mums to be look like they are 'about to drop' when they are only 20 weeks. others (like me) hardly show at all. They say that you show earlier, if you have been pregnant before, but this is my third.

Some mum's bumps grow steadily and others get big all of a sudden. Do you think that there is any truth in how you carry your baby as an indicator to it's sex? I must admit i was 'all up front 'with my first two and they were boys.


  • Everyone I know all say im having a boy, this is based on the way im carrying the baby, (dont know the sex). Im not convinced that this is an accurate way to tell if the baby is pink or blue and iv read stories from other mums who have been certain of their babies sex but been surprised at the birth because it was not what they expected.
    I think the only way to tell for sure is either a sexing scan (and even they can make mistakes) or just wait till the birth.
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