Feeling good

Hi girls,

Well today i am feeling really good after weeks of feeling so poo. I think I am starting to show as well. All my bottoms were so tight so i put on a skirt this morning that is normally very lose on me and it's tight as well.

Also when I stand sideways you can see a little bumpimage It's really odd as I have felt pregnant but today is really the first day that I really feel like a pregnant women, do you know what I mean?

I went to the hospital last night and had my blood tests done so i am so pleased i have got all that out of the way and now i just have to just wait for my scan image

K xx


  • Lucky you, I thought I was starting to get better then the last few days have been terrible. I've been so tired, feeling really sick (but one been sick, which is good). Cant face my food again and finding it hard to keep my fluids up. I have this horrible taste in my mouth all the time, no matter how many times I brush my teeth the taste just does not go away.

    Thats me 12 weeks today, so maybe this is the last of it before I start to get better.

    I had lost a good bit of weight with being so ill, but I am now starting to notice a bump too. I think I need to get my maternity stuff out and see what fits me from it.

    I'm going back to work next week too, which I oculd see far enough but I think getting back into the swing of things might make me feel a little better instead of being in the house all the time.

    Glad your better babe.

    Anne-Marie xx
    12 weeks
  • Oh hun well first off congrats on getting to 12 weeks image I can't wait to be that.

    I am sorry you are feeling so pants. I don't for a second think for me this will last thats why I am going to love this day he he.

    I am also still finding it really hard to eat MW had a go at me and said I must make myself eat but its so hard.

    I found coming into work helps takes my mind off it, and with morning sickness on the train music really helps me. I put on my Ipod and I don;t think about the sick feeling.

    k XX
  • Thank You, getting to 12 weeks feels good. Its a relief but of course still not out of the woods but you can start to tell people, which makes me happy because now people will know why I've not been myself over the past 6 weeks.

    I'm going to go to the shop today, maybe I will see something that takes my fancy other that baked potatoes!

    i drive so thankfully I dont have to suffer public transport, when I was pregnant with my little girl, we onlt had the one car and my hubby used it to get to work and I always had to get off the bus and be sick then catch the next one.

  • Hun, don't worry what your MW said about you eating! Of course you need to eat, but your baby will feed from your reserves and take every bit of goodness you have at this stage (hence we feel so crap in the 1st 3 months generally!).

    I had the same thing and barely ate anything except Cottage Pie and Macaroni Cheese. My midwife said not to panic as baby will be feeding off my reserves and taking all of my goodness that it needs. Important thing was to keep taking folic acid, keep fluids up and eat whatever you can whenever you can.

    I'm not a Dr, but felt happier, tonnes happier, when my MW told me all this.

    Joo xxx
    26 w today!!!
  • Ahh thank you Joo I was all worried I had no been doing very good for my baby but when you feel so sick the last thing you want to do is try to eat.

    I am being better though not having whole meand just a little bit here and there.

    Do you stop the folic A at 12 weeks on carry on taking it all the way through i have heard different things.

    K xx
  • I think if you are taking a proper supplement like pregnacare or pro-natal, then you can take it throughout pregnancy. but if you are taking plain old folic acid, you have to stop at 12 weeks.

    I was taking pregnacare but it addly VERY badly to my morning sickness (if you google, it appears this can happen!) so my Dr told me to switch to plain folic acid, which I did, and I stopped taking just before my 13 week date.

    Joo xxx
  • Oh right I did not know that. I was taking pregancare but went off that and am on just plain folic A so I will make sure I stop taking it at 12 weeks. Thanks for that I never knew you had to stop

    K xx
  • I don't think you HAVE to stop folic acid at 12 weeks (i.e. it does no harm to carry on) but it makes no difference to spina bifida after that because the spine is already well formed by then. I just finished my packet and stopped at around 14 weeks.

    Glad to hear you are having a good "feeling pregnant" day, K-lou! Lovely isn't it?
  • i'm 10 weeks today and yes everything getting tight! i went for a swim last night and looked really round in my costume!

    still feeling very very sick though!
  • Thanks Astraad - It is so nice to feel well again I almost forgot what that felt like.

    Mrsblue - I hope you feel better soon hun that sick feeling is awful.

    K xx
  • i was sick aswell but when i was excally 11 weeks. i stop feeling lousy and now i feel great, its such a good feeling not to be soooo Exhausted any more.


  • I am also having a good day! Like you guys just eat what i feel like eating - which normally isnt very healthy - although I am eating some dates now!

    9 weeks today!
  • Yay I am so pleased you girls feel better as well and i am so hoping cha and bump that now i am just over 11 weeks mine will all have gone as well hee hee

    K xx
  • glad youre feeling better k-lou, fingers crossed youre over the worst of it now. I was feeling great the last 2 days, just really hungry, but had a bit of a rough night so feeling a bit crappy now. At least its nearly the weekend!!

    Lisa xxx
  • Hope you feel better soon Lisa image

    I have like a funny feeling in my tummy like it's heavy or soemthing?? Is that normal. I am getting a few pain here and there but i think it's wind to be honest with you LOL

    K xx
  • I am feeling a little better still got the sick feeling but not been sick for 36 hours which is good for me... glad your feeling better it gives me hope as I am 6 days behind you and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 10+2
  • Oh i must admit i am jealous of all you lucky ladies starting to feel normal again, fingers crossed i'm next on the list.

    Anne-Marie xx
    12 weeks
  • Spoke too soon - just eating my lunch and as it was going down it came back up - its the worst sick ever and it was pasta which hurts coming back up... I was really enjoying it too now I am unhappy as thought I was turning the corner, in 4 weeks I have only had 2 days where I have not been sick... I cant wait to wake up with energy!
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