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20 week anomaly scans & NHS Lothian!!! (or the lack thereof)

Simnply put - NHS Lothian and even as far as I know NHS in North Lanarkshire don't do 20 week anomaly scans as there are not enough trained sonographers.... :x

Is it just me or does that totally suck! PAH!!!

A scan is too expensive privately for many soon-to-be mums....but us ladies shouldn't have to pay to check developmental growth....grr...makes me angry.

Comments anyone?

faerie-poops & bean


  • i agree i live in North Lan and i'm now 16 weeks and this is my 1st baby, like most 1st time mums i just want the reasurance that everything is ok. I was told by the midwife that it was a post code lottery which really sucks, however i'm going to my midwife tomorrow to get my blood taken for my tests and am gonna plead for another one! so who knows?
  • well good luck begging... *grin* I've been getting quite crampy recently and feel like the bean is pirouetting on my cervix (nice) so I'm going to ask midwife-y too....even if i have to make her biscuits so she'll refer me!!!! *hehehehe*

    hope you get your wee pic....


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  • i live in Stepps in North Lanarkshire....does that mean that theres no Anomaly scan available for us btw 18-20 weeks ? i think it is very important to hv us to ensure the baby is healthy...i am 7 weeks now...first time mom and i am 32 this yr...can't help worrying really.
  • tis allegedly a postcode lottery....I'm 26+3 and have nooooooooo idea how my little bean is getting on, apart from the break dancing inside my tum. image

    Discuss it with your midwife at your booking appt. You might live in the right area for a 20wk one...personally, I'm thinking of trainign to be a sonographer/ultra sound scanner......then maybe other mums-to-be mght get a chance. *sigh* :roll:

    There is legislation on the issue stating that all women ins cotland should recieve both scans, but as said before, lack of trained staff, etc, etc

    good luck with your pregnancy...awww...another wee peanutty must be chuffed.

    faerie & bean

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  • I can't believe that!! the nhs should pay to send everyone privatly if they don't have enough trained staff in your area. that is SUCH an important scan!! I'm in shock that they won't give you one, I don't realise how lucky I am. nhs at it's best, eh??? lol
  • That sucks sooo much for you. I think you need to fake some symptoms to get one, naughty I know, but they don't leave you with much choice so they. Time for another Prima Baby campaign to make sure ALL women get a 20 week scan. Good Luck trying.xx
  • cheers guys for replies - unfotunayely nothing has changed still....and I'm now 39weeks!!! Been for 2 CTG's though, and baby is doing ok....not a scan spoken of :\( almost went private, but then noticed I was too far on for them to see 4d and all they could give me was a 2d scan to show if the baby was breech or not - for 75quid, I don't think so....o well...I"ll see the hippo soon enough! xxxx
  • COMPLAIn to your local health authority! It's an essential scan to check on the development of your baby, you have a right to hav this done. take it to the top if neccesary! good luck ladies.
  • Glasgow is the same!!

    I really missed it when my friends were having theirs, but I don't mind so much now when I'm 30 weeks. I can wait to see my baby for real now I'm counting down....:\)
  • Hi there,
    I live in Highland and it is the same! It is all about funding up here. I have written complaints to medical directors and chief executives etc, but it has gotten me nowhere. I am having to go private and drive to Glasgow, just for reassurance that my baby is okay x
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