Sooo Uncomfortable!!!

Hey ladies

Just fancied a lil moan really - no sympathy from my hubby who is useless!
I don't know if any of u feel like this but I am so uncomfortable at the moment and I have 10 weeks to go! have no idea how am going to manage next few weeks and feel like i am being a bit of a baby and should know better cos this is my second but i don't remember feeling like this till much later on when i had my daughter....

Ok, the trouble is that i feel like i have no room inside me left! Am sure the baby has dropped in the last week or so and every movement is squeezing my bladder and hurting my pelvic floor muscles. He wriggles all the time and digs his feet/knees/bum/any other available part into my ribs and i feel bruised by it. having quite strong (and sometimes painful) braxton hicks on and off all day long, can't sleep cos of all the activity in there and a sore shoulder, and to top it all, my 5 yr old had tummy bug last week which she then gave to me a few days ago and i still can't eat much now!

Sorry - i know i am moaning about stuff that is par for the course but feel really fed up right now and seriously wondering how i am gonna cope for the next 10 weeks!!!

Claudia 30+3


  • i have 3 weeks hun and know how you feel. trust me there is always more room and the baby will find it. i get kicked in the side ribs and in my lady bits. and braxton hicks are a nightmare. just keep telling yourself "not long now" and if you get really achy just run yourself a nice warm bath to help ease the pain and help you relax
  • Hi Claudia

    im the same, my first who is 4 years old now was an easy pregnancy compared to this little madam. my son had tummy bug last night, hardly any sleep due that n her kickin me every five mins. she also dropped at weekend, feel like im gonna tipple over lol. my partner still lives in london n me in swindon, he is great, but phone n little visits just arent the same when ur 30weeks. i spend every night in the bath to get rid of the pain xx
    Hurry up the next 9 weeks xxxx

    Tracey x 30+3
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