crashing from baby with a Q

hi ladies, firstly Congrats to all of you!!!

I have a question for you. How long after your AF was due did you get a BFP?

What pg test did you use?

thanx lovely ladies

Elaine & boys xx


  • Hello Elaine! image

    I used clearblue with conception calculator and I tested the day after my AF was due and it came up positive 2-3 weeks (yay!)

    Cheryl x
  • Hi, on a 28 day cycle I tested the day before I was due using a clearblue with conception indicator.

    Anything to tell us Brandollarz????
  • Elaine have you done a clear blue? I think you should go to the doctors and have a blood test done .. just to check! & lets us know!! x
  • thanx for your replies ladies

    I have REALLY unreliables AFs. I have been without and AF for about 5 weeks now. A week ago I used a couple of ebay cheepies and they came up neg. Today I have done 2 - which came back VERY faint but it was about 15 minutes after testing (which I know should be counted as a neg) but when I used them a week ago this never happened. I cant afford a CBD as I am on a VERY tight budget (hence the ebay cheepies)


    *sigh* just gonna have to wait a few days and test again I suppose.

    Nat - Im in the middle of changing docs - they struck me off LOL (long story)

    Thankyou very much for your replies girls - enjoy the rest of your pregnancys!!!


  • I use a cheap on line one and it came up within second, I was 14DPO when I tested.

    K xx
  • I got BFN from 11 dpo with Ebay and finally got a BFP with a FR 15dpo!

    I hate Ebay cheapies!!
  • Hello!
    I tested with first response 1 day late (hehe) but got a -ve result. Then I tested 3 days after that and got +ve with a Superdrug test.


    Kittyboo 18+4
  • I tested 4 days early with FR-BFP. The ebay cheapies were still BFN until aboout 3 days after AF was due, and they were meant to be the really super sensitive ones used in GP surgeries and hospitals! xx
  • I tested the day after first with an oulation testing kit, that was positive some done a cheap pregnancy test of ebay and 2 very strong lines appeared. Just to make sure I ordered an clearblue from ebay which took a few days to arrive but it was only ??5.00 so much cheaper than the shops and just to confirm what I already knew it said pregnant!


  • i got my bfp using a first response, my af was due on the sat and i tested late mon evening and got my bfp. good luck image xx
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