Pelvic Girdle Pain and all that jazz!

Oh my lor' what a time of it i'm having this time round, this is my 3rd pregnancy--but i'm suffering severe PGP, as well as i have a blood condition otherwise known as Factor V Lieden and i'm on clexane injections--which i self administer! as well as suffering from ante-natel depression too! Got rushed into hospital at 17wks because i'd had another Pulmory Embolism(blood clot on the lung!) and how i'm still alive i don't know, cos according to my haemotologist i shouldn't be! Got physio coming up next week, which should be interesting considering i hate anyone touching me whilst i'm in this much pain! but maybe it help to make me more mobile, cos at the moment i'm pretty much housebound! which is good considering that means that i'm having to keep my 5yo home from school:evil:. As you can imagine i'm not coping at all well with this pregnancy! be glad when it's over now:cry:


  • Hey thanks for the reply! physio are gunna have to try and do something a bit more for me than crutches! especially as i have no support network, my fiance is at work all day so being on crutches is not ideal, especially as i have a 16mth old as well as my 5yo! it sucks being me atm especially as i'm not coping all that well. I wonder if i can get them to deliver me early........:roll:
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