Advic e Please!

As in earlier post i said i am six weks pregnant am unable to get an apointment with my own doctor until 3/04/08 she only works part time because this is my second pregnancy i know about most early pregnancy care but do you think i need to see a doctor earlier to arrange midwife booking appointment if i wait until i see my own doctor i will be 8 1/2 weeks before i get referred to the midwife.

Advice please


  • Hi hon, I know I did saw my gp straight wawy, think I was only 4 weeks pregnant but I had to make my own appointment with the midwife which I had at 8 weeks. Can you ring your midwife directly? I know this is what I had to do anyway!
    Tammi xxx
  • In my area you can do the whole pregnancy without seeing a GP. I popped into maternity today and told the MW's I am nearly 6 weeks and they told me to come back when I want around 9 weeks.
    If you need a GP referral you could prob ask them over the phone anyway!
  • Hi in my area u dont see the Gp u just ring ur docs and make an appointment to c the midwife and she will then give u emma's diary etc give u estimated dates and refer u for the hosp to send ur scan date and booking appointment have u tried doing this will prob be quicker Good luck Sophie 33+6 xx

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