labour worries

right well this is my first baby and i dnt have a clue about labour i know im worrying over nothing i hope wen me and oh have sex and its a little ruff (sorry) it hurts after and he said that im 'tight' and i just thought the size of his d1ck compared to the size of the babys head worries me?? i know its compleatly normal and all stretches but im just worryin!


  • i wasnt meanin it like that!
  • i wasnt meanin it like that!
  • I know it's easy to worry about this Bec, I've tried not to think about labour too much just yet. When I've seen photo's of women giving birth in magazines and the head is 'crowning' I just think how on earth can our bodies stretch that much, but that's what our bodies are made for and it will just happen. You will be absolutely fine honey and when the time comes your body will do what it has to do xxxxxxx
  • can you please elaborate as to what it is you are worried about exactly for us to be able to advise you properly.

    Women give birth everyday and have been doing so for years.
    As for your BF, if he is being rough with you when he is having sex he needs a fucking slap. Yoi are having a baby.. he needs to be told that he has to calm down and be gentle with you. That said if you know it hurts why let him have sex with you in the first place?
  • i wasnt meanin ruff in a real bad way and no he doesnt need a fucking slap! i was worried about the actual giving birth and it stretchin just like swillo has replied!!!! yes im having a baby and dnt u think he knows that? it hurt after we had sex not while we had sex if was hurting while i was havin sex dnt u fink i would of fucking stopped????
  • Sorry but you said the sex was rough, well actually you said ruff, but i can spell properly..
    You should not have pain after sex, and the fact that the sex is rough is what is causing the pain probably. My BF is not small, and I don't get pain, if I did I wouldn't be having sex at all.
    I also THINK that it is natural to be worried about child birth when it is your first baby. I won't lie it is going to hurt like hell, but like I said, women have been doing it for a long time and all will be OK.
  • Hi bec i dont think anyone meant any offence its just the way it sounded about the sex.

    with the labour you body produces hormones in order for you to contract which makes you dilate therefore it is completely different to sex which you already know. I still thinkits amzing how something that big can come out of something that small but believe me it does and if you do have trouble and its not big enough you may need a little cut, but believe me when that babies head is there you will not care! I remember with my second to trace her heartbeat better they had to stick a monitor to her head whilst she was inside me and that felt like they shoved there whole arm up! You wont care once they are coming though and trust me the pain of it all will be forgotton as soon as your babies in your arms!

    If if was that bad i really wouldnt be on my 3rd in 3 years! Either that or I have issues lol!!

  • lol i know its all natural and all ment to be but still worry lmao! that made me smile tho! the thought of holdin my little baby image
  • If you find that you're sore after sex, it might be worth a mention to your mw, just to be on the safe side.
  • hi. try not to worry too much your body automatically stretches to your babies head. and yes you can feel sore after sex i did. it's all the unknown. bless you. you will be fine. your body is very good at adapting to labour and all the changes that your baby brings to your body when being born. i have had 5 babies and would do it all again tomorrow. so it can't be that bad. take care.xxxx
  • I just wanted to add about the sex, has anyone else completely gone off it I think i had sex once in early days but nothing for weeks and the thought of hubby comeing near me like that is a no-go!! Whereas my other 2 i had the best sex ever whilst being pregnant due to extra hormones etc this time the thought if it ewww, lol!

    As you can tell my hubby is now getting quite desperate lol but oh well.

  • thanks the replys have helped just cant believe how pathetic some people can be and to be bitchy and comment on speeling is just low lmfao! i think i will mention to midwife im seeing her in 2 weeks! pen ur pic is lovely image im glad some of you knew wat i was meanin lol!!!
  • lol my sex drive just went up like mad lol! but last time i was preg b4 i had mmc i didnt want it at all weird lol
  • sorry but spelling makes it easier to read that is all.
    I mean ya gonna be a mum, u will need to spell properly when ya teaching your child!!!!

    I wasn't being bitchy believe me, if you want bitchy I can be.. ask Tigerlilly lol
  • i can spell how i want! wen im teaching my child it will be done properly and i suppose you need to take your own advise too!
  • ok ok obviously hormones are raging and ppl need to cool off its not worth thee agro ladies it is after all somewhere to get support not get claws out. if you want to fit take it too real world as there is enough happening out there without it being brought in here.becs it can be misinterpretted how you wrote things but your spelling is your business. i'm dyslexic and find short hand is easier for somethings but i do try to spell properly to keep me in practice. so i can see both points of view but really there is no need to pick at things like that your lo's will get the neg vibes and get stressed and no1 wants that image take a breath and relax! think of it as practice for labourimage
  • I have been in labour twice already i don't need the practise lol.

    I was only responding to what was being put on here. I mean if someone said to you the sex was rough and it hurt after wouldn't the obvious advice be to stop lol!!!!

    Obviously i got it wrong and i am sorry!
  • hi bec n bump im having my first child too and i know its all natural and loads of women do it all the time but its like anything im just worried and anxious about not knowing what to expect i keep seeing pics in my books of the head crowning and thinking oh my god im gonna be doing that lol
    i dont know how many weeks you are but im only 13 weeks and worried already lol
    we can worry tgether hun lol

  • hey sez im 14 weeks so near enuf the same as you image im glad some body else that feels the same lol! at least i know im not alone in worryin lol
  • Hi Bec N Bump,

    If you are sore after sex it may mean that you are not wet enough (sorry if tmi) when you are pregnant something happens, i'm not exactly sure what, that stops you getting as wet. Maybe a lube would help. There is nothing wrong with a bit of rough and tumble as long as it's not squishing your belly, your baby is well protected in there. I also started to find sex a little more uncomfortable afterwards so we had more foreplay than normal to 'loosen' things up lol (again way to much info).

    Labour is a terrifying thing as it is something some of us have never done before (including me) and everyone is scared of the unknown. There is a website I went on called which has loads of different birth stories including some very graphic photos its absolutely fascinating and really put my mind at ease because you just have to look at the faces of the women giving birth at the end of it and they look so invigorated (sp) and I can't wait to feel like that. I think about it like this, its a very short space in time in my life and the end result (the baby) will give me years and years of pleasure image

    I hope this helps a little.

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