fell over ;(

i was wal;king up stairs and i missed a step

i fell on my face and my belly hit the step im not having any pain tho

i guess thats a good thing right???

bec x x


  • poor you, but maybe best ring mw and say to them. take it easy

    love becs xx
  • Ahhh,poor you! the baby is WELL cushioned in there. If you have been for an early scan you will know that they have a real dig and poke on your belly and it doesn't even touch the baby. He's in a very protective sac and of course there is you to protect him too. I would have thought you would be in a fair bit of pain if anything had happened,x
  • oh no bec !! are u sure ur ok ? id ring the mid wife just incase and just let her know what happened !! how long ago did you fall ? xx
  • i fell about an hour ago but i dnt have any pain or anythin no bleedin either im a big girl too so its well cusioned lol! id feel like im over reactin if i phone midwife tho image

  • oh honey bub should be fine, but ring mw to be safe, they r well protected! hope ur okay xxx
  • bless u !! well just make sure u ring if you get any pain chic - dont feel like your over reacting then !! how far gone are u bec ?
  • just phoned midwife and shes give me a number that doesnt work image but on the phone to local gyno ward
  • they told me to go to ane
  • ohhhh are u going hun ?
  • i cnt get there until oh gets home tho?
  • aww bec i dont know what to suggest - did the mw still tell you to do something even though you hadnt felt no pain at all ?
  • yeah but its startin to hurt a lil bit but im waitin til oh comes home then if its still hurtin then ill go
  • yeah make sure you do hun - just to be on the safe side - least if you get checked out then you wont worry xxx let me know how u get on !!
  • he shud be home at 4 so im going then
  • hi bec how you get on?

    love becs xx
  • yeah - how did it go yesterday hun ? been thinkin about ya !!
  • in the end i didnt go! i felt fine and had no pain after a while and no blood and didnt wanna waste any 1s time but if belly hurts real bad il go but all seems fine wiv baby! and i started wih heart burn last night image an have been throwin up all monin so all good with lil bump image
  • aww bless - glad your ok hun xxx
  • Hi Bec, do you know your blood group? If you don't, or you're O negative, you should definitely go to A&E regardless of whether you feel ok or not, as you will need an Anti D injection as a precaution (so that your body will not produce antibodoes against the baby if he/she is a positive blood type). I really don't want to alarm you so sorry if that all sounds dramatic - but please take care, Paula x
  • nope im not having blood tests until 1st of feb? i dnt wanna sound thick but what do you mean???
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