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ladies i NEED your help...

hey there, i am not actually pregnant have just come over from TTC for advice. my AF was due last thursday and is still not arrived (sunday). been testing but BFN results, did any1 experiance this and then get BFP, is it at all common????


  • Yeah I did, the first couple of tests I did said negative then I just forgot about it for a couple of days tried again and it was positive...I have my fingers crossed for you x
  • yes it happens. some people (rarely) never get a positive on a hpt! cycle days are not really accurate either as things can change when you ovulate even if you normally have regular cycles. do you know when you ovulated? as this will give you a more accurate date to test (14 days after ov). wait until you are a week late, then test again.

  • thanku and congrats to u!! iv been using first responce, i thought they were pretty accurate??
  • can i ask what tests you are using? if they are cheapies i would recommend getting a fr or a tescos test. i got bfp day before af due with tescos but my friend didnt get a bfp til she was 9 weeks x
  • that's a good point. i had cheepies and got bfns and only did a different test as i am a poas addict and got a vey faint bfp. but all week on ebay cheepies, as other tests were getting darker and darker, i was getting bfns. tescos was the most clear.

    i am so glad i didnt trust the cheapies as the docs had given me tablets to start my period as i have pcos and they wanted to do bloods then give me clomid. if i had believed the test and started the tablets i dread to think what would have happened to the little bean.
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